Category: Website Monetization

A webpage provides a point of access to businesses and their services and products. Running and maintaining a state-of-the-art website can be costly, requiring many hours of labor to update content or to remedy possible technical issues. Wouldn’t it be nice to recoup your maintenance costs, plus yield a profit? Of course – monetize the […] Continue Reading
The ideal publisher brings together targeted, quality traffic with interesting content. User experience is very important when it comes to keeping users on-site and interested. Intext can help improve your viewers’ ad experience. When a visitor comes to the site, our product seeks out the strongest commercial keywords on the page to hyperlink. Without user […] Continue Reading
When it comes to our publishers, we look for high quality websites – not just sites that have high traffic, but that also have legitimately engaged audiences. There are a number of ways this is determined, including strong, regularly updated content, clean site design, and evidence that users spend time on the site and engage […] Continue Reading
If you’re a website publisher trying to monetize with ads, then you always have to ask yourself: What makes my website valuable to advertisers? Don’t be surprised that there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Building a site that provides measurable value to advertisers is a multifaceted game. It requires a strategy that attracts a constant influx […] Continue Reading