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  The first job for any content publisher is to publish content that resonates with an audience who keeps coming back. Once your audience has grown to a sufficient point, it may be time to look into online advertising as a monetization strategy. How do you know you’re ready to monetize? How much traffic is […] Continue Reading
  If your blog or webpage doesn’t load within 3 seconds, most readers will give up and click away. Because of that, many content creators are wary of ads. Longer load times can certainly slow your progress in building traffic, but today’s ad technology is a lot different than the days of flash. With the […] Continue Reading
  Affiliate marketers need not to be embarrassed when they fail at making money through affiliate offers; even top affiliate marketers have failed at one time or another. Affiliate marketing is something you learn over time and perfect with constant testing of new sources and offers to fight the right mix. Success doesn’t arrive immediately. […] Continue Reading
  Publishers have become plenty savvy when it comes to the world of paid traffic and frequently use this approach to drive visitors. Paid traffic can be an important component of success if correctly used and if well understood. Some ways in which publishers are using paid traffic are through native ads, social media ads […] Continue Reading
  The internet is a vast roadway stretching far and wide with billions of users viewing sites, accessing pages and becoming engaged with what they see, read and learn. Every site needs traffic otherwise it will become a lonely location with no money making opportunity. Websites and businesses thrive with opportunity when steady traffic flow […] Continue Reading
  While the term “digital ad” seems self-explanatory at first, it’s important for the success of your own digital ad campaign to recognize that the concept takes on a plethora of forms. Preparation is key, and will ultimately save you money in the long run. Proper planning begins with a well-defined goal. When formulating a […] Continue Reading
  Smaller publishers can get rejected from ad networks for a number of reasons. Fortunately, most of those reasons are mendable. This blog is here to give some common explanations as to why ad networks pass on publishers and a few simple ways to increase your odds of success. If you’re a publisher seeking ad […] Continue Reading
  Online advertising is a fast-moving industry with changes in technology, regulations and customer behavior that keep us on a constant path of innovation. In this blog, I briefly explore some of the most important online advertising trends and think about what’s coming in our near future. “You have to be on top of the […] Continue Reading
At, user experience matters. While there are several different types of advertising you may choose to utilize on your site, banner advertisements are one of the oldest and most established techniques available today. Banner advertising is a great way to boost monetization of your site, and we understand how to make those banners work […] Continue Reading
Another tool we offer our publishers to improve their website ad experience is a customizable XML feed. This flexible, fast, and reliable tool mines smart data using direct site ad spaces, parked domains or search results. That data empowers online advertising publishers to add text-based, high-performing ads tailored to their particular audiences. Implementation is simple. […] Continue Reading