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Ok, we admit, we spend a lot of time online. It’s cool, though, because it’s part of our job around here, and we love sharing what we find. This summer has brought out some great video ads you should definitely check out. Here’s our roundup of the best video ads of the summer. LG Nano […] Continue Reading
  While the term “digital ad” seems self-explanatory at first, it’s important for the success of your own digital ad campaign to recognize that the concept takes on a plethora of forms. Preparation is key, and will ultimately save you money in the long run. Proper planning begins with a well-defined goal. When formulating a […] Continue Reading
  Marketing folklore has it that the first banner ad was launched in October of 1994 on (now known as Wired Magazine). There were a slew of banner ads presented on HotWired that same day—companies such as Club Med, MCI, and Volvo were all on the list—but it was AT&T’s ad that made a […] Continue Reading is proud to announce a brand new ad product that will make a huge impact for advertising agencies and media buyers seeking to impress major brands. With television commercials on the decline and eyeballs of every consumer glued to their mobile devices, Vizable offers an alternative for advertisers seeking to grab the elusive […] Continue Reading
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