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Valentine’s Day is a day for love in all forms, and this year, did something a little special. Instead of focusing on one individual, we focused on many people—specifically, the homeless population in Los Angeles. Last week our entire staff stopped what they were doing and worked to assemble dozens of hygiene kits for […] Continue Reading
Since the majority of work and communication happens in front of the computer screen in our industry, ad:tech provides a great opportunity to meet new companies and current clients face to face. This is one of many reasons why it is so great to be a part of ad:tech. We at have been active […] Continue Reading
Another Halloween has come and gone, and certainly had fun! Last Friday the office was packed with costumes from all areas of mythology and pop culture. A few employees even walked away with coveted awards… Best Vintage/Classic: Sharon for “#TBT Me at Age 3 (1983)” Punniest/Most Clever: Tanner for “Tanner” Most Newsworthy/Current: Cherryl for […] Continue Reading
Branding ≠ Conversions It’s time to let go. Display advertising is a staple of internet marketing; it’s been with us for decades, and its staying power is highlighted by constant innovations in online banner advertising technology. But here’s a curious question…how is that even possible? Why do so many of us still invest in banner […] Continue Reading
Adable delivers contextually relevant text ads based on the content of your site. Our technology uses contextual and behavioral data to deliver ads relevant to the content of the page upon which the ad appears. In doing so, Adable ensures that you are publishing ads that will engage with your site’s visitors. This is just […] Continue Reading
Content Links provide relevant advertisements to visitors who are already engaged within the content of your site, and are interested in the niche the advertiser is targeting. The content link ad unit is placed at the end of an article, displaying a single line of advertising text. It is a small ad that the user […] Continue Reading
Effective advertising is more than simply buying ad space. Non-targeted online ads are displayed at random based on where the company pays to have them placed. If the ad is about books, it could show up on sports sites, clothing sites, or anywhere else. Not only is bad ad placement distracting for the reader, but […] Continue Reading
At, user experience matters. While there are several different types of advertising you may choose to utilize on your site, banner advertisements are one of the oldest and most established techniques available today. Banner advertising is a great way to boost monetization of your site, and we understand how to make those banners work […] Continue Reading
Another tool we offer our publishers to improve their website ad experience is a customizable XML feed. This flexible, fast, and reliable tool mines smart data using direct site ad spaces, parked domains or search results. That data empowers online advertising publishers to add text-based, high-performing ads tailored to their particular audiences. Implementation is simple. […] Continue Reading
A webpage provides a point of access to businesses and their services and products. Running and maintaining a state-of-the-art website can be costly, requiring many hours of labor to update content or to remedy possible technical issues. Wouldn’t it be nice to recoup your maintenance costs, plus yield a profit? Of course – monetize the […] Continue Reading