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Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian was invited to speak on the Intro to Remarketing Panel at SES San Francisco. Below is the excerpt from his presentation introducing Remarkeitng; What it is, How it works and its benefits. Enjoy! [youtube=] Continue Reading
  Being ingrained in the online marketing industry we like to think we’ve seen it all. It would be downright selfish not share some of the successful campaign ideas we’ve seen implemented by our advertisers. By now the ad industry is catching on to the power of Remarketing so we’d like to share some non-traditional […] Continue Reading
When it comes to online marketing, whether you are a newbie or an oldie, we all know the importance of good ad text.  Your ad is the doorway to your site and you want to make sure that your door looks a appealing as possible while the user is thinking about which door to walk […] Continue Reading