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  • Date: March 30, 2017
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Why You Should Attend Los Angeles Digital Summit 2017

Los Angeles Digital Summit is known as the definitive digital marketing gathering. From marketing strategies to UX and design, email, search, mobile, video and SEO, the LA Digital Summit is a convergence of content for active players in the digital space. You should attend the Los Angeles Digital Summit to learn the latest on these topics and more. Join along with attendees like Burt’s Bees, National Geographic, Nasdaq, Hubspot, YouTube this year and explore what’s coming in digital.

Topics to explore at the LA Digital Summit, and recommended sessions to attend:

Content Marketing

  • Different from traditional marketing, this popular methodology for inbound marketers centers on content that helps people and doesn’t try to “sell or interrupt”
  • Digital Summit will explain the 8-step process of content marketing to have highly-engaged users become loyal customers already employs the 8-step process to learn about our advertisers and cater specific products to suit their individual needs

Mobile Marketing


  • Without the right tools, it’s hard to measure success with content, so evaluating the new measurement of success for clients is important
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Integrate different types of media
  • Use data to refine strategies

Video Marketing

  • As more eyeballs move off television screens and onto devices, it is important to find ways to monetize video and capture a different audience
  • Video vs traditional content marketing has “preroll,” which opens up another way to monetize content
  • Social Media
  • Influencer marketing is taking over as the way to advertise by leveraging social media
  • recognizes that social media is a powerful tool, and we’re utilizing it through our influencer marketing platform, which helps us meet advertisers goals at cheaper cost

Speakers We’re Excited to See at Digital Summit

Join and thousands of other smart businesses and individuals working in the digital space. See you there.

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