Adable – Contextually Relevant On-Page Text Ads

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Adable delivers contextually relevant text ads based on the content of your site. Our technology uses contextual and behavioral data to deliver ads relevant to the content of the page upon which the ad appears. In doing so, Adable ensures that you are publishing ads that will engage with your site’s visitors.

This is just one benefit of this contextual advertising product. Additionally, Adable’s seamless integration can be customized to make the look and feel of your site. Text and Arrow colors can match those found on the site, making the ad unit a perfect fit on to any site! This results in a higher click through rate and better CPMs for both the publisher and the advertiser. As far as advertiser solutions go, Adable is a great way to add new sources to your traffic mix and for publishers it’s one of the best ways to add advertising to your site without turning away traffic due to intrusive ads.

Display engaging text ads to your website’s visitors and start monetizing your traffic with Adable!

Contact for details.

Adable can provide many advantages over other forms of advertising, such as:

  • Variety of Ad unit sizes available – 728×90 to 300×600 and anything in between
  • Advanced customization capabilities, including the ability to change the colors of the Title, Text and Arrow to match your site
  • Ads are compatible with mobile optimized sites
  • Highly competitive CPMs

By incorporating highly relevant advertising onto your site, you will create a much more pleasant experience for your visitors. Instead of being bombarded with oversized and out of place ads, Adable will deliver ads without interrupting the user experience.

Ad targeting is determined by contextual and behavioral data and used to deliver the most relevant and highest performing offers, yielding you the most competitive CPCs possible!

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