Content Links – Relevant and Effective Contextual Advertising

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Content Links provide relevant advertisements to visitors who are already engaged within the content of your site, and are interested in the niche the advertiser is targeting.

The content link ad unit is placed at the end of an article, displaying a single line of advertising text. It is a small ad that the user generally sees only after they have read the content on the page or have scrolled below the fold. Content Links are great to use when you want to target a specific audience that shows interest in similar content.

Content Links may result in fewer impressions or clicks because they are located in such a strategic position. However, the users that do click on the Content Link are highly engaged users that will yield more targeted clicks, and are more likely to convert – a benefit to both the publishers and advertisers.

This type of ad also doesn’t distract the reader from the content that they are looking at. Large, intrusive ads can turn a reader off, especially if they are simply trying to read through the site. A content link is less intrusive, and does not interfere with the reader’s experience, nor take away from the site in any way.

These types of ads are always relevant to the content of the pages on which they appear, offering the user a link to a product or page related to the content they have already shown interest in.

Contextual advertising in this way will pull in the most engaged visitors, yielding extremely high conversion rates for advertisers, and better CPMs for publishers. Contact for more!

The main advantages Contextual Links provide:

– Ads can be customized to match the look and feel of your site
– Nonintrusive ads can be placed anywhere on your site
– Monetizes highly engaged visitors who are more likely to convert
– CL Big 8 Ad Display option available

To the untrained eye, Content Links look like they are part of the site. They don’t stick out like a sore thumb unlike traditional ads. Behind the text is a button that links the reader to the related advertiser page.

If you want to increase online advertising on your site but do not want to bombard it with low quality and distracting ads, contextual Content Links are a great solution!

Ad targeting uses both contextual data and the behavioral tendencies of the user in order to deliver extremely relevant advertisements to the reader, which results in the most competitive CPCs possible.