Partnering With the Ideal Publisher, Part 3: InterYield

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A webpage provides a point of access to businesses and their services and products. Running and maintaining a state-of-the-art website can be costly, requiring many hours of labor to update content or to remedy possible technical issues.

Wouldn’t it be nice to recoup your maintenance costs, plus yield a profit?

Of course – monetize the site with ads. But there’s more than one way to publish paid ads, and it’s important that you add value to your users’ experience, not take away from it.

Interyield is a great solution for publishers. It provides a non-intrusive way to serve relevant ads to your audience, and is only triggered when the user actually engages within your site, rather than just when the page loads.

Through either a pop-under window or new background tab delivering the targeted offer relevant to your content, the user experience continues uninterrupted until the user is ready to engage with the advertiser’s webpage.

This method of advertising gives users more control, allowing them to choose when they view the offer, which will help maintain the experience on your website, and improves engagement on the advertiser’s page. This balance is what allows InterYield to offer such high eCPMs.

Through this incentive, we help our online advertising publishers to create the best webpage and ad experiences possible for their visitors. When ads are thoughtfully integrated into the holistic visitor experience, advertising relevant services or products actually enhances your business – both on and offline.

If you’re interested in InterYield advertising, contact today.