Partnering With the Ideal Publisher, Part 2: InText

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The ideal publisher brings together targeted, quality traffic with interesting content. User experience is very important when it comes to keeping users on-site and interested.

Intext can help improve your viewers’ ad experience. When a visitor comes to the site, our product seeks out the strongest commercial keywords on the page to hyperlink. Without user interaction, the Intext ad will provide a quiet notation that there is more behind the word.

On hovering the mouse over the underlined term, an ad bubble will appear next to the word to provide the audience with an ad that is specifically targeted for their interest.

Since these ads are closely related to the keyword and to your website content, readers who interact with the Intext ads will be qualified viewers with higher likelihood to convert, creating a better ad experience for the user, the publisher and the advertiser.

Premium, relevant ads like ours enhance the viewer’s interest and continues the value of the content. Stronger engagement can derive a variety of positive results such as increased sales, and a higher eCPM. An advanced ad network with a strong advertiser base, such as ours, is an invaluable partner to achieve such results.

Intext works best in sites where people are looking for information, stories, or even community engagement, essentially large amounts of text. The search for value brings an audience that doesn’t mind, and even appreciates, being served relevant advertising. Online newspapers and How-To pages are great examples.

As readership grows and updated content keeps people interested, the readers continue engaging with the targeted intext ads – and more often. As the click through rate (CTR) improves and the users continue to convert, the advertisers can bid higher on your traffic, thus increasing revenue. High traffic is necessary, but an invested audience is even more valuable.

Monitoring how long site visitors stay on a page, how many other pages they visit, and how many pages they visit every time they click on your web page will provide a good idea of engagement and interest. The number of social shares and mentions you receive are also big indicators.

If you’re interested in InText advertising, contact today – a representative will be glad to help you grow your site’s revenue.

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