Partnering With the Ideal Publisher, Part 1: AdDock

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When it comes to our publishers, we look for high quality websites – not just sites that have high traffic, but that also have legitimately engaged audiences. There are a number of ways this is determined, including strong, regularly updated content, clean site design, and evidence that users spend time on the site and engage with the content. helps high-quality websites enhance their users’ experience while also pulling in additional revenue. It’s not about simply serving ads – it’s about serving the most relevant ads for a website’s individual readers.

AdDock does exactly that. It’s a sleek, professional ad unit that docks to the bottom of a web page and rotates relevant text ads. This tool works extremely well for engaged user audiences.

With AdDock, you can customize the appearance to ensure the easiest readability on a desktop page, mobile phone or tablet.

This product can be designed to blend into the website design seamlessly, or complement it without being a distraction, enabling users to receive an enhanced browsing experience — as opposed being bombarded with otherwise intrusive ads.

Or, for our bolder webmasters, AdDock can also be designed to stand out. This is perfect for online advertising publishers who wish to draw attention to their advertisers’ products.

The benefits of AdDock provides are twofold — the user will be able to navigate the site and its suggested products or services without an interrupted UX, and the website owner and company will benefit from the revenue generated. The site’s eCPM and thus earnings may rise quickly as more and more visitors click through advertisements on the website and convert.

So, while the user’s experience is maintained, the website owner’s experience will also be positively affected with an additional source of revenue.

If you’re interested in AdDock, sign up with today!