Why You NEED to Expand Your PPC Advertising Options

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When jumping into the world of online advertising and pay per click (PPC) ads specifically, it can be tempting to put all your eggs in one basket with a single, seemingly all-encompassing platform. And most often, when we talk to customers who have started off with just one ad source, they were using Google AdWords. Don’t get us wrong – even at Advertise.com we use Google for some of our own advertising needs, but not for everything. The big problem with using just one single platform is that you’re missing so much of the market and your potential customers.

Here’s why: Even as the leader of the search pack, did you know that Google only reaches around 60% of the search market? And did you know that even if you bid high enough on your ads to get the coveted #1 to #3 spots, you may only have an 11%-33% chance of your ad getting seen? We’ll do the math for you – even if you pay enough to get your PPC ads consistently to the 3rd place ad spot on Google, you are still missing 94% of your target audience.

Reach Further With an Ad Network
Therein lies the case for why Ad Networks exist: to get your ads in all the places that a single search site misses. You can literally reach up to 95% of the web traffic you need outside of Google by utilizing advertising streams such as Contextual, Display, Mobile, and Remarketing. Whether your customers are shopping online, reading a news article, or getting scores from their favorite sports teams, they’ll be more likely to interact with the engaging ads you serve because you’ve greatly increased the number of places where customers can be reached.

Don’t Get Stuck With High CPCs
Using mainstream ad channels like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or even LinkedIn exclusively may seem attractive due to their large audiences and vast targeting options, but it can get expensive fast. It’s not uncommon for minimum bids on PPC campaigns to be several dollars a click (or more) on popular keywords! This can be devastating to your ROI if you aren’t selling high-profit items and don’t already have a high conversion rate.

These mainstream ad channels can also be unreliable until you’re willing to shell out big bucks. For example, Facebook’s paid advertising platform has the tendency to yield very few impressions until you bump up your CPC to their suggested figures. And even then, this can be a moving target, as TechHive’s Christopher Null found in a comparison between mainstream channels.

You can circumvent this problem by mixing into your budget an Ad Network that spreads your ads across thousands of sites and offers much lower brand competition. The result? Instead of spending $5 on for a click while your customer is checking their LinkedIn profile, you might spend only $0.25 for the same quality click on a site they’re browsing right before or after.

Don’t Pick Fights You Can’t Win
It can also be difficult for newer or niche brands to compete with larger, national brands on the mainstream ad channels like Google. Outbidding these competitors can get expensive quickly, because they’re often willing to spend to the point of negative ROI for that consistent brand recognition—and they’ll even do it with keywords that are more targeted to your business than to theirs. Why not? They likely have deeper pockets to pull from.

In these instances, we recommend bidding smarter, not higher. By spreading your PPC ads across more diverse ad networks outside of major search engines, you will increase the chances your ads will be seen without getting into bidding wars you can’t stay profitable in.

Diversify More with Ad Products
Diversification is the key to a wide-reaching and multi-faceted online advertising campaign. While serving your ads to thousands of targeted websites is the first step, we recommend going further—take advantage of all the different ways you can serve your ads. A strong mix of ads through display, in-banner video, contextual, mobile, and remarketing will help increase your brand exposure and calls to action consistently and more cost-effectively.

We’ll leave you with this: Whether you’re a startup company or an established brand, it often pays to spread out your advertising budget through various ad formats and online spaces to reach all of your potential customers. Don’t just stick with one source—let an Ad Network give you the broad-reaching, competitively priced advertising strategy you need to stay competitive today.

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