7 Proven Ways for E-Commerce Marketers to Increase Sales

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These tips are purrfect for e-commerce marketers!

Do you run an online store? Thinking about it? As an e-commerce company, you’ll have to work hard to remain effective in online advertising. Competition is fierce and ever-increasing as the Internet becomes inhabited more and more by online sellers. Therefore, it is vital to make your presence known and become an established name among consumers.

We’ve been working closely with e-commerce companies for years and have worked with them hand-in-hand to make their online exposure a success. Here are some important e-commerce online advertising tips we’ve learned from our e-commerce clients that will help your online store win more sales:

1. Engage the Shopper with Unique Product Descriptions
You will want to focus on the benefits of organic search engine traffic for your e-commerce website. Most people who use search engines usually select sites that are listed in the top ten results. The best way an e-commerce website can benefit from organic traffic is by creating unique product descriptions. Whether you’ve manufactured the products you sell or not, the manufacturer information is not enough to have on the product page. Create about 100-200 words of text, integrating targeted keywords. You can decide what keywords are best for your site by doing some preliminary research with Google’s AdWords keyword tool. Remember that it’s not necessarily always best to choose keywords with the highest search volume, because those words also have the most competition. Instead, choose what is most relevant for your business, and mix it up with both long- and short-tail keywords. Creating unique product descriptions also enables you to give your e-commerce company a voice and personality.

2. Find Shoppers Ready to Buy through Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
PPC is a great online advertising method for e-commerce websites. PPC ads use an online bidding and quality score to determine where ads are listed. You can list your site under search keywords and phrases to drive the proper traffic to your page. Keywords used for organic listings may be used for further research. A great benefit of PPC advertising is that you only pay for the ads when they’re clicked on. For example, if you own an e-commerce clothing store, and a searcher types “yellow leather flats” into the search bar, and that happens to be one of your targeted terms, you could show up in the paid results section and gain a new customer.

3. Build your Brand and Bring Shoppers Back with Banner Advertising
Another consideration for success is banner advertising on quality, relevant websites. This will drive quality traffic to your e-commerce website as well. In order to find the latest advertising rates, you can consult existing ad networks or the advertising department of websites with high traffic volume. You can also receive information on banner specifications this way. This will help raise product awareness and increase traffic to increase your sales.  Additionally, use Remarketing to drive shoppers who have abandoned their shopping cart.

4. Get Your Site Found with Product Feeds
Product feeds are another way of getting the word out about your e-commerce site. A product feed is a file produced from your site that contains product information such as the description, specials, pricing, and photos. These can be sent to search engines, shopping engines, and shopping comparison sites.

5. Connect with Your Shoppers with Social Media
Getting involved with social media is a great way to spread the word about your brand, products, and services, all while functioning as a DIY method to build relationships with customers and followers. With social media you can talk about new products, sales, discounts, and other special offers. Social media provides a great place to launch a contest as well. For example, a snowboarding gear e-commerce site might create a snowboarding photo contest wherein the winner receives a gift certificate or new product.

6. Become an Authority with Content Marketing
There are several ways e-commerce sites can create content to market their products. One simple way is to create a blog. Blogging regularly helps build rapport with readers and offers you a chance to talk about important, interesting, entertaining, or helpful topics pertinent to your products. Regularly publishing fresh, quality content from your domain also helps to increase organic search rankings.

7. Stay Top-of-Mind with Email Campaigns
Email marketing is another form of content that helps you stay in touch with customers and drive repeat sales. Send out a regular newsletter to your customers providing them useful tips and advice, new product information, specials and deals, and other great content. There are several email marketing platforms that are easy to use and cost-efficient.

These are just a few e-commerce tips you can begin to implement for your website. There are countless ways to market your products and services in the online realm, and the trick is experimenting to find out what works best for you. In an ever-changing market, be sure to experiment regularly and stay in compliance with Google’s (and all other search engine’s) rules.