Monetize Your Bounce & Exit Traffic with Exit Yield™

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Bounce & Exit rates have plagued website owners since the creation of the back button. You try to improve your bounce rates, but the fact is, you can’t help every visitor no matter how great your content is and up until recently, you haven’t been able to do something about it.  Remarketing is a great way to bring people back to your site, but what about instantly monetizing the visitors as they bounce?

Do you have a way to monetize this exiting traffic? If not, then Exit Yield™ is for you!

Exit Yield™ is an innovative way for website owners like you to turn your bounces and exits into fresh revenue.  After placing our simple code on your site, bouncing & exiting visitors will be presented with a non-intrusive interstitial page of sponsored results before returning to their web search.

Here’s a demo of how Exit Yield™ works:
[vimeo 52097014 w=648&h=364]

Exit Yield™ Benefits:

• Boost revenue – Capture a fresh source of revenue from your bounce/exit traffic
Get paid per click – Earn on a CPC with each click
Prompt payouts – Get fast and on-time payments via Check, Paypal or Wire
Change nothing – Don’t change anything about your current website monetization strategy
Not invasive – Offer non-intrusive & helpful links to your exiting visitors
Not annoying – Forget about pesky pop-ups, pop-unders or redirects
AdSense friendly – Doesn’t interfere with any AdSense or banner implementations

If this sounds like a solution for your website, Get Started Here!