Ad:tech San Francisco 2012 Recap

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It’s hard to believe that our first ad:tech was over 6 years ago, but there we were, an incredible team at a powerful show.  As ad:tech veterans, we observed a couple interesting changes in the conversations at the show:

1. We had some very involved conversations with current and future clients about their ad goals for 2012 and it became apparent that online advertisers aren’t just looking for traffic anymore. They are in search of innovative and competitive ways to grow their business and stay ahead of their competition. The traditional traffic platforms aren’t cutting it anymore and alternative traffic sources are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Of course, this is music to our ears.

2. With the boom of alternative computing devices there are more opportunities than ever to for publishers to monetize users and traffic. Our publisher department had non-stop meetings with mobile publishers, emailers, content sites and domainers all in search of ways to provide better user experiences while monetizing their traffic and data.

As always, we took plenty of pictures of the team hard at work. Check out the gallery below.

As for our next show, we’ll be exhibiting at Affiliate Summit East at the New York Hilton, table#94 and booth#329. We hope to speak with you before then, but if you are attending let’s be sure to meet!

-The Team