Advanced Remarketing Tactics

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Affiliate Summit West last week held a treasure trove of information for every kind of online marketer. One presentation from our friends at about advanced Retargeting Tactics really caught our attention. Note: here at, we believe that there is an art and science to Retargeting which is why we call it Remarketing.

Display marketing has come a long way since the early days. The web user has evolved into a lean, mean, content seeking machine.  If they don’t already know what they are looking for, they definitely know what not to look for – ads. Banner advertising has to accomplish more than just branding with hopes of bringing someone to your website. Your ads should target, attract, engage and offer value to all who see it.  Luckily, Remarketing empowers marketers like you to accomplish all of these goals with grace and efficiency.

We recommend that marketers of all levels check out the Remarketing presentation below.  You’ll cover some basics, best practices, how to make the most of it and what to expect whilst using some great examples.  It also has some funny moments.

Please share your experiences with Remarketing in the comments below! Team