Banner Ads Are Here to Stay: Bogus Claims Combatted

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With the unstoppable advancement of digital technology, it is no surprise that advertisers will continue to find innovative ways to connect with and engage consumers. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through display advertising. Although it has been said that display advertising is one of the most popular forms of digital advertising, there are many critics who still question its effectiveness. However, rather than discounting the display channel all together, we should be challenging the advertisements themselves.


According to a recent article in ADOTAS, to ensure banner ads are set up for success, advertisers should scrutinize their approach with questions such as:

  • What will the ads say?
  • How will the ads look?
  • Where will the ads be placed?
  • How will the ads be communicated?
  • How many times will the ads be seen?
  • What channels will accompany the ads?

The article also notes that at times even the simple presence of a display ad can have an effect on consumers. That’s according to an Online Publishers Association study about Biometric and Eye Tracking Research that found that 90% of participants noticed ads in the first 10 seconds of being on a webpage.

The findings from the OPA study remind us of our CEO Daniel Yomtobian’s recent article on iMedia Connection. In Daniel’s article, he discusses how CTR is not the only measurement tool by which banner ads should be measured. When targeted correctly banner ads are a very cost effective way of linking brands to consumers. Creative advertisers achieve great consumer engagement and branding value by banner campaigns with enticing content that’s highly targeted to the consumer.

-The Team