Internet Advertising Hulks-Out to a Whopping $15B

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In case you missed it, this week the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced that online advertising for the first half of 2011 is up 23 percent to nearly $15 billion. This Techcrunch article points out that for last year the figure was a mere $12.1 billion.

Search and display-related advertising (the latter including banner ads, rich media, digital video and sponsorships) each grew 27 percent. Search doubled its previous year’s growth rate.

This growth is fantastic news for the industry particularly in light of the overall sputtering economy. So what gives? Why is online advertising the shining star?

According to Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Industry Services, IAB, “It’s a clear signal that all of us in the interactive advertising industry are delivering meaningful results to marketers—and that they are confident in investing in interactive.”

We couldn’t agree more!

-The team