Google’s +1 Means -1 for Smaller Businesses

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As most of you may know, this week Google announced the +1 button to rival Facebook’s Like button. This new innovation launched on Wednesday as a part of Google’s search engine, allowing you to “+1” the ads and search results that you like.


It comes as no surprise that the Internet is evolving with social media, enveloping everything around us.  We’ve come to expect social data wherever we are. We want to know what our contacts are thinking, how high they rated the products they’ve used and what their recommendations are before we even start our research. It makes sense that Google would release something like the +1 button, but there has been no mention of what social networks these +1’s will be linked to. Is it just your Google account?

Also, if Google’s goal is to make the quality of advertising better by rewarding ads and listings with higher +1’s with cheaper advertising, this will be a huge disadvantage for smaller and lesser known advertisers. If a user has never been to a company’s site, how can they award a +1 to the ad or listing before visiting the site? Are they expected to press the back button? Honestly, Google knows that listings with familiar faces will receive higher click through rates, so why not put a +1 button next to company listings so users can +1 familiar companies so friends can see it? We think it makes sense… for Google and larger brands.

What are your thoughts on Google’s +1 button?

–The team