2010; a year of growth and sophistication for the ad industry

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We really love reporting good news, so when we finally sat down and tore through 2010’s U.S. Digital Year in Review from comScore we had to share its findings with our faithful blog readers. We’ve heard rumors of 2010 being the year things turned around for the economy and evidence for and against that statement. comScore’s annual report is evidence that consumers are in fact spending again and advertisers are finding value in communicating with those consumers.

Here at Advertise we were particularly thrilled (though not surprised) that display advertising continues to climb. In fact the report showed that U.S. Internet users received a total of 4.9 trillion display ads, the total number growing 23 percent from Dec. 2009 – Dec. 2010. This is a rebound we saw within our client base and we’re happy to see that other advertisers also felt the stability to spend in this area. Understanding the value of a view and that of a click this can only be a good sign for consumer spend in the future.

More brands understand the power of digital every day 2010 saw this continuing shift of ad dollars online. In Q4 2010, 104 advertisers delivered more than 1 billion display ad impressions up from 80 in 2009.

One of our favorite points from the report is that comScore recognized that ad placement strategies have increased in sophistication. At Advertise.com we take pride in our ability to offer many platforms for advertisement delivery –as every advertiser implements its own mix of technologies. Remarketing in particular has emerged as a new method that often out-performs in click-through results. We’ve made it our company mission to educate advertisers on the power of the technology. This graph shows our efforts are worth it…

As we settle into 2011 we’re excited for these new advanced technologies such as Remarketing and those that are still to come. We look forward to the success for our advertisers and will work to continuously improve their overall business through our network and offerings. What do you think the ad industry has to look forward to in 2011? We’d love your thoughts!


The Advertise.com team