Our CEO Shares His Thoughts with the Media this Week…

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In between running Advertise.com Daniel took some time to share some of his insights with ADOTAS, the email newsletter and web site  that reaches over 100,000 advertising professionals monthly, and MarketingVox, the news source for interactive marketers.

Dan’s thought piece featured in ADOTAS this week discusses the IAB “Privacy Matters” campaign and the effect he hopes it will have on awareness around Remarketing technology.

In the world of online advertising and ad networks in particular, practices such as retargeting or remarketing are immensely popular for their strong ROI. Remarketing is the process of tagging site visitors with a cookie to later follow-up with an advertising message to remind those consumers who didn’t convert the first time about the original offers as well as new opportunities and bring them back for conversion.-

Be sure to check out Dan’s full piece, Forget Off-Target Ads, to get more of Dan’s thoughts on the campaign.

In addition to Dan’s byline reporter Erika Morphy reached out to get Dan’s thoughts on the cost-per-click price increase with the merger of Yahoo! and Bing. Erika’s article was featured on MarketingVox including a quote from Dan.

-As we have learned with Google Adwords, the more competition there is for the users attention, the higher the price, says Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of Advertise.com. “This will be the same with the Bing-Yahoo relationship,” he predicts. “Once the alliance is complete, the Yahoo and Bing advertisers will be on the same platform and competing for the same attention from the newly expanded network of users.”


Independently, Yahoo and Bing have roughly 13% search market share each, combined that’s 26%, doubling the networks reach, Yomtobian notes. Combining Yahoo/Bing search inventory gives advertisers a reason to make the investment/effort in bidding on a search platform outside of Google that can deliver strong volume. Compared to Google’s 70%+ share, a likely increase of 78% of Bing’s bids will help advertisers reach more users, he says. “Even a 78% increase in bids will still land advertisers at a discount from their average CPC on Google. While the cost will rise high in the short run, the average CPC will come down over time.”-


For Erika’s article check out Reading Between the Lines of Bing-Yahoo’s CPC Rate Increase.