Introducing Our eTail West iPad Winner: Kirsten!!

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Congratulations to lucky girl Kirsten who is the winner of our iPad giveaway from eTail West! While Yogi Kirsten is no stranger to winning, we had to get her reaction to the news… What is Gaiam and what do you do for the company?

Kirsten: Gaiam offers products, solutions and services to people who value eco-friendly living, natural health and personal growth. At you’ll find everything from award-winning yoga DVDs to green household cleaners, organic cotton clothing to integrative wellness therapies.

I’m managing editor for ecommerce, content, catalogs and PR. I love working for a company that mirrors my own values – the people here are truly inspiring. Who was the first person you told after you won and what was their reaction?

Kirsten: I texted my daughters when I found out I won. They were super excited. Have you ever won anything else?

Kirsten: I’ve never won anything as cool as an iPad before, but seem to have good luck. The first time I ever gambled, I won $400 on a $1 slot. I won nearly $3,000 on a single bet the only time I’ve been to a dog track. The night before the iPad drawing I won a sweet pair of Baby Phat sunglasses. When I emailed a friend to let him know I’d won an iPad, he replied, “Of course you did.” What do you plan on using the ipad for?

Kirsten: I plan to use the iPad for catching up on The Office and Project Runway, doing online yoga in my jammies (insert shameless plug for here), trying new recipes, reading People and other guilty pleasures, and editing and approving projects. And, quite possibly, to swat away my girls’ mitts from my iPad!