Are Ad Views the Key to Success?

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In a period of about 10 minutes of web surfing, how many advertisements would you say that you see….10, 15? A new ad for every new page you travel to? The point is, as Americans advertising has become a huge part of our online experience. While searching for a new pair of sneakers you might see an ad for an mp3 player that will make that afternoon jog a little easier. Now, you may not click-through to that mp3 player; most likely you’ll just continue searching for those perfect kicks. Fast forward a half hour, your new sneakers are on the way to your front door and you get to thinking about all the songs you would listen to while running in them. You head right back to the computer, find that mp3 player, and bang…you’re running to your favorite tunes in cool sneakers every day.

Obviously this is point of online advertising: to show you something you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it right there in front of you. But let’s discuss exactly what you see. In a recent study from comScore (reported by ClickZ) research showed that Europeans are 72 percent more likely to visit an advertiser’s site if they have previously been exposed to display ads, compared with 49 percent in the U.S. These stats got us thinking:  are advertisers not giving “the view” the credit it really deserves? We all know that Europeans are far less conservative than Americans (must we bring up the beaches?), so when you see a European ad, the brains behind its creation make sure you notice it. Are these “risky” ads making “the view” more impactful and therefore resulting in higher visit and search rates?

We may never know if it’s the ad content that brings Europeans back more often.  However what we can undoubtedly take from this study is the value of the view over the click through. As the report states, “display advertising, despite a lack of clicks, can have a significant positive impact on consumer behavior.” Think back to the sneaker search…we see display ads all the time and they may not always compel us to go to that particular site immediately. But just “viewing” that ad keeps that particular product top of mind when we do go back and search, in this case for an mp3 player.

Our point here is simple: we understand the value of click-through conversions. They are easy to measure and precise. However we encourage advertisers to think beyond the click and remember the power of the view…it may be the key to success!