Advertising is Creepy…a lesson from IAB

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How many times a day do you receive an offer from a brand that is completely unimportant, irrelevant or just straight-up useless to you? Just yesterday, thousands of men across the nation received a banner advertisement announcing that J.Crew will be offering 20% off all of their skirts. Now if these men are fashion savvy enough to understand that their wives, girlfriends, sisters or daughters would be thrilled with this offer and pass on the info  to them, then that’s all well and good. However, it’s our guess that these ads are completely useless offer to someone who doesn’t see himself in a corduroy mini this season.

There is no denying that Behavioral, Geographic, Demographic and Interest Group Targeting have been taboo terms in the advertising industry lately. That’s why we are thrilled that the IAB has created the “Privacy Matters” campaign. This campaign was created to educate consumers on targeted ads and quell the fears of privacy groups that have misunderstood the methods behind ad targeting. The attention grabbing banners that will be launched in conjunction with the campaign state “Advertising is Creepy” until you scroll over the banner and read the message that advertisers don’t use “personally identifiable information” in deciding where to serve their ads. Clicking on the banners drives viewers to IAB’s “Privacy Matters” site, with FAQs about Internet privacy. We at want consumers to know that we support this campaign and its message. We can only hope with this educational campaign, behavioral targeting will receive the support it needs to end useless skirt offerings for good.