FaceHoo: Talk about a power couple!

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Look out Brad and Angelina, there’s a new hot couple on the scene! Yahoo and Facebook announced Wednesday that they are hooking up to allow their respective users to share activities and content with each other. Mark Walsh at MediaPost explained the partnership, “Facebook users will be able to share different types of content, such as Flickr photos or comments on news stories, with Facebook friends. At the same time Yahoo users will see friends’ Facebook activities in ‘Yahoo Updates,’ a tab found on key properties with the Web portal such as Yahoo sports, News and Finance.” We at Advertise.com completely understand and appreciate this relationship. Perhaps social advertising from Facebook will spill over into Yahoo and its RightMedia network, only time will tell.

Of course, we can’t help but relate the development to our own social search company Scour. It’s great to see the industry catching on to the importance of searching socially. We don’t want to say we toldya so…but we toldya so!