Upside to Google AdExchange?

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ATA8NC1CA3K2WP3CAMYRW03CAEVX446CAH9FY0RCA2FTM15CAGJNGKICAP5I2O7CAXX7YHHCA0RWDM3CA9NTCX2CA6VHRNBCAMBGK0RCAL3MILFCASGT4JOCA7ZG8KZCA9FW9R6CAIQGJR1CABTSW8IThe big news this week was the unveiling of Google’s AdExchange. Ad networks are an important constituent for the exchange as noted in the the article Google’s Ad Exchange Open for Business.  And Silicon Alley Insider talks about how it will grow the overall advertising pie.

It is indeed an interesting step from Google. The web seems to shifting to real-time these days, so it’s a logical progression. We’re curious to see how other networks integrate into the exchange. The more granular services can become, the more advertisers can benefit from them.  Creating ads on the fly is a huge help to smaller and strategic advertisers. In addition, a real-time approach will help fill in the demands of publishers and advertisers that have previously gone unsatisfied.

We’ll be watching closely how this develops.

–The team