Cost-effective conversions are often the number one goal when it comes to digital advertising. In the CPC advertising model, maximizing ROI and generating conversions is done by decreasing the cost-per-click and increasing conversion rate. Keep scrolling to learn our best practices for guiding your ad campaigns to this CPC sweet spot. Keyword-Related Best Practices The […] Continue Reading
The quality of your advertisements can make or break your ad campaigns (and your budget). In fact, perfect placements of a poor advertisement will never generate the ROI you seek. Whether you’re new to digital advertising or are a seasoned vet looking to elevate your current campaigns, keep scrolling to gain expert advice on creating […] Continue Reading
Get educated on the new trends for 2018 so you can nail your digital advertising strategy with effective solutions and profitable spend. Continue Reading
Interstitial advertisements are display ads that appear on the screen when viewers reach a natural transition point on a web page. These ads are triggered by specific actions and generally appear in between page loads. You’ve likely come across them on pages such as Amazon Prime or your favorite web-based games. While they are most […] Continue Reading
Despite the constant evolution of the advertising ecosystem, in-text advertising has long proven its value to advertisers and publishers alike. Simple and effective, let’s discuss how in-text advertising has withstood the test of time by continuing to deliver key benefits to all parties involved. What Does In-Text Advertising Look Like? In-text advertising is a form […] Continue Reading
When it comes to PPC advertising, an effective keyword strategy begins with keyword discovery and research. By identifying and bidding on the right keywords, advertisers will hit target audiences, optimizing ROI. This blog reveals a handful of free keyword discovery tools that will help you to maximize campaign results. The Importance of Your Keyword Strategy […] Continue Reading

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