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  Online advertising is a fast-moving industry with changes in technology, regulations and customer behavior that keep us on a constant path of innovation. In this blog, I briefly explore some of the most important online advertising trends and think about what’s coming in our near future. “You have to be on top of the […] Continue Reading
  Many publishers build audiences, and then wonder how to monetize their website traffic. In order to make a living by creating and sharing content you love, it’s important to monetize your website traffic in a way that makes sense, and doesn’t alienate your audience. In this blog post, we offer tips about how to […] Continue Reading
  For online marketers of all types, the great thing about the digital revolution is we can now track everything… absolutely everything. So, as an online advertiser, or a website publisher with so much information at your fingertips, how do you decide the most important metrics to track? With hundreds of different KPIs (Key Performance […] Continue Reading
  January 31, 2017 – has lovingly adopted a stretch of California’s 101 Highway with a donation that will help keep the freeway clean and free of debris in 2017. “Many of our team members are green, including myself. We want to contribute to the freeway’s upkeep. We feel it’s important to support the […] Continue Reading
  Have you gone anywhere without your smartphone this week? Be honest. It’s okay. Neither have we – nor most of the 217 million other Americans who are glued to their mobile devices each day. So, as an advertiser, what will this increasing reliance on the little glowing screen mean for you in the coming […] Continue Reading
  “Page under ads” are types of advertiser landing pages that come up either as new tabs in a reader’s browser, or open behind the original browser window as the user engages with content on the site. As long as they can remain unobtrusive, page under ads don’t have to have a big impact on […] Continue Reading
  Any advertiser setting out to get more clients or customers online wants to know which online ads perform best, and why. We’ll look at the major strengths of the basic types of online ads, but hold your horses for just a sec! Before any advertiser is ready to create a specific plan for online […] Continue Reading
  Q: What’s a California holiday party without a Gene Simmons impersonator on a sundeck rooftop? A: No party at all! hosted its Los Angeles employees, partners and guests December 7th at the Andaz West Hollywood, with spectacular views from the Panorama Ballroom and Sundeck Rooftop. The venue certainly rocked, but what made our […] Continue Reading
  Believe it or not, some of the most-shared content out there is video advertising. Remember the 2016 Rio Paralympics trailer “We’re the Superhumans?” If not, go watch it. We’ll wait. That three minutes of advertising was viewed over 7 million times on YouTube, and now has over 1.8 million shares across social media. It’s […] Continue Reading
  The days of traditional marketing and advertising are long gone, but companies – especially large corporate institutions – sometimes find it hard to keep up with all the best practices for digital marketing today. In digital marketing, the emphasis is on original content, great user experience, interactivity, and instant gratification. And, don’t forget, everything […] Continue Reading
  Choosing the best ad network can be daunting for affiliates trying to balance user experience with monetization. Testing is the best way to know how different networks will perform with a particular site. However, affiliates often work with limited resources, so it’s hard to spread test budgets out enough to yield a large enough […] Continue Reading
  Google is the most commonly used search engine. When the company changes its algorithm, ripples are felt throughout the digital advertising industry. As an advertiser or a publisher, it is important to be aware of how changes in Google’s algorithm affect your business. Not being able to use Google products effectively for monetization of […] Continue Reading
  At, we believe in having a little fun once in a while. It helps our employees feel appreciated, and that helps them work harder for our advertisers and publishers. Halloween is always one of our favorite holidays to celebrate in the office, because the creativity really comes out. Of course, there’s another special […] Continue Reading
  Maintaining a quality user base of interested and engaged site visitors is key to a publisher’s ad monetization strategy. Without a good user experience for new visitors, you can’t create a loyal and returning user base, and traffic can quickly dwindle and die away. In order to maintain traffic, content publishers need to strike […] Continue Reading
    Fifteen years ago, we had just avoided millennium bug scare called Y2K, and many of us were still using dial up internet. Napster and Instant Messenger were all the rage, Yahoo and Google’s search engines were still competing, Amazon only sold books, the inventor of Facebook was still in High School …and […] Continue Reading
Advertising on dedicated advertising networks can dramatically increase the efficiency of your business’s outreach. By letting publishers address engaged internet audiences and track behavior with specific, indisputable metrics, they make it possible for advertisers to fine-tune campaign methodologies and achieve loftier business goals. Understanding the Network Model Online display advertising networks work with publishers to […] Continue Reading
Valentine’s Day is a day for love in all forms, and this year, did something a little special. Instead of focusing on one individual, we focused on many people—specifically, the homeless population in Los Angeles. Last week our entire staff stopped what they were doing and worked to assemble dozens of hygiene kits for […] Continue Reading
Since the majority of work and communication happens in front of the computer screen in our industry, ad:tech provides a great opportunity to meet new companies and current clients face to face. This is one of many reasons why it is so great to be a part of ad:tech. We at have been active […] Continue Reading
Branding ≠ Conversions It’s time to let go. Display advertising is a staple of internet marketing; it’s been with us for decades, and its staying power is highlighted by constant innovations in online banner advertising technology. But here’s a curious question…how is that even possible? Why do so many of us still invest in banner […] Continue Reading
Content Links provide relevant advertisements to visitors who are already engaged within the content of your site, and are interested in the niche the advertiser is targeting. The content link ad unit is placed at the end of an article, displaying a single line of advertising text. It is a small ad that the user […] Continue Reading
Effective advertising is more than simply buying ad space. Non-targeted online ads are displayed at random based on where the company pays to have them placed. If the ad is about books, it could show up on sports sites, clothing sites, or anywhere else. Not only is bad ad placement distracting for the reader, but […] Continue Reading
If you’ve decided to launch an online advertising campaign, congratulations! You’ll be joining the hordes of other businesses who spend over $40 billion annually. And if you’re like most advertisers, you’re hoping to get a positive (and hopefully very large) ROI on that spend. Of course, before you start advertising—whether pay per click (PPC) or […] Continue Reading
When setting up a new PPC advertising campaign—whether it’s Search or Contextual Advertising—choosing the right keywords is crucial to your success. It’s important to find not only the kinds of audiences most interested in your products or services, but also enough of them to grow your business successfully. Continue Reading
Internet ad revenues hit a historic high last year, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau, with 5.3 trillion display ads served to U.S. consumers. Despite this, click-through rates (CTR) for banner ads have been declining consistently. Every year, advertisers spend billions on ads that consumers never see. No matter who your audience is, chances are […] Continue Reading
Pay per click advertising campaigns have so many moving parts that it’s easy to take for granted what might be the most important factor: ad copy that is relevant and compelling. However, not all ad copy carries the same weight. Some parts count more than others—specifically, the headline. In fact, approximately 80 percent of people […] Continue Reading
At, we naturally believe in the power of online advertising. But we also believe in honesty. Unfortunately, in this industry the two are not always synonymous. In its 2013 report “Busting Bad Advertising Practices,” Google revealed that it removed 350 million ads in 2013 due to harmful or deceptive messaging. Meanwhile, as native ads […] Continue Reading
Imagine this: you manage your company’s PPC (pay per click) ad account, but are working with a severely limited budget. It might be discouraging or even intimidating to make tough advertising decisions when you know you’re not reaching your total potential audience. For many of you reading this, you don’t have to imagine. We understand […] Continue Reading
According to a recent ThinkVine survey, over 50 percent of marketing executives plan to invest more in digital advertising than in traditional advertising over the next two years. If your small business doesn’t have a digital ad strategy, it’s well past time you got one. But let’s say you do. Are you making marketing mistakes […] Continue Reading
You know all that stuff you’ve been reading about mobile advertising over the past year? It’s not wrong. Yes, mobile phone market penetration is expected to rise to nearly 70% by 2017, according to an eMarketer report. And yes, 4.5 billion people are expected to own a smartphone by the end of this year. And […] Continue Reading
Marketing ain’t what it used to be. Brands are no longer expected to simply sell their product or services. It’s all about long-term brand strategy now, and building a successful brand requires hitting several different conversion points by encouraging a diverse set of desired user actions. In online advertising, a conversion isn’t exactly synonymous with  […] Continue Reading
One might say that any form of marketing is inherently “contextual”: Any ad, delivered online or off, is contained within some kind of environment. A standard pay per click ad gets displayed on a search result page. In the real world, a billboard sits along a stretch of highway, which is set in a community, […] Continue Reading
By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager Retargeting—or as we call it, Remarketing—has revolutionized the online advertising industry. The ability to continuously target previous site visitors helps marketers recapture lost conversions, and also increase customers’ lifetime value through ongoing promotion. But while retargeting technology is readily available, few marketers have learned how to optimize it for maximum […] Continue Reading
By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager We can’t all advertise in a vacuum. Unless your business operates in a specific niche unknown to most other companies (and today, that’s unlikely), you’ll undoubtedly face some tough online advertising competition. As you probably already realize, you’re not the only one bidding on keywords for your target market, or […] Continue Reading
One of the reasons we love online advertising is its front-end quantifiability. Nearly all the important metrics you need are readily available: Click-through rates (CTR), costs per click (CPCs), and conversions, summed up in neat little charts for your analytical digestion. But it can be easy to forget that all of these data points represent […] Continue Reading
If you run a startup or a small business, you probably know that effective online advertising can be crucial for your growth strategy. But in the midst of handling everything else to keep your business running, it can be very challenging to make your ads profitable. The numbers don’t lie: a study last year showed […] Continue Reading
2014 looks to be a big year for online advertising growth, both in the CPC and CPM price markets. A indicates that 85% of online marketers will increase their focus on improving online advertising conversion; 59% will look to work with a new advertising network; and 52% will spend more of their budgets on display […] Continue Reading
If you’re the marketer of a sports franchise, you know all too well that the closest competition for your team’s business success usually happens off the field. As ticket prices rise all around the nation, you must continuously demonstrate the value of single, multiple, and season tickets to see your sporting event live so that […] Continue Reading
2014 is shaping up to be a big year for healthcare marketers. With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare as many know it), physician practices, hospitals, and healthcare organizations will be vying for around 15 million newly insured patients that the new law is projected to produce. And while online healthcare marketing has […] Continue Reading
Roses are red, Violets are blue, We love to advertise, And so will you! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Now that we’re past the holidays and into the new year, the love-it-or-hate-it Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. One of the most common criticisms we all hear about this hyped up and commercialized event goes something like […] Continue Reading
We live in a world filled with increasing amounts of content and advertising messages. And when it comes to pay per click (PPC) advertising, companies are competing for a ever-shrinking inventory of attention from online users. Messages must be delivered efficiently so that consumers can receive and process it before moving on—and enough that they […] Continue Reading
The new year is now in full swing, and the masses are off to the races with their resolutions. Once again, we can expect that “lose weight” and “get fit and healthy” will be on the top of the list. So we don’t have much to say regarding diet and workout tips to keep up […] Continue Reading
No matter what time of year it is, if you’re marketing for an e-commerce or online retail brand, chances are there are at least a few products you’re prioritizing over others. Whether you’re pushing a new product launch or running an enticing promotion on one of your catalog’s pricier items, high-profit and low-probability conversions are […] Continue Reading
Way back in 2011 (which, in the ultra-fast paced world of online advertising, might as well be 10 years ago) TechCrunch was touting social proof as “the new marketing.” We know that social proof continues to play a major role in spending habits of both consumers and businesses today. So now that these concepts have […] Continue Reading
Hit AMC drama Mad Men has risen to pop culture icon status not just through its engaging characters and its representation of advertising’s “golden age.” It can also be looked at as a philosophical primer for modern advertising. Sure, traditional mediums like print, TV, and radio advertising are falling to the wayside in favor of […] Continue Reading
In this third part of our three-part series on landing pages, we review some of the most important measurements to track for your online advertising campaigns and ad landing pages. As we explored last week, testing a landing page is a critical component of any online advertising campaign. However, one area where many online marketers […] Continue Reading
In Part 2 of our 3-part series on landing pages, we explore the ways to test your landing pages so you can minimize your PPC campaign’s cost per action (CPA), further understand your audiences’ behavior, and have the data to make better online marketing decisions.  “You know what happens when you assume?” When it comes […] Continue Reading
When jumping into the world of online advertising and pay per click (PPC) ads specifically, it can be tempting to put all your eggs in one basket with a single, seemingly all-encompassing platform. And most often, when we talk to customers who have started off with just one ad source, they were using Google AdWords. […] Continue Reading
By Jordan Bell, Marketing Manager at reached an important milestone in September 2013: We delivered nearly 1 billion pageviews to our advertisers, as reported by comScore. This figure represents a 38% increase from August 2013, and a 103% increase from July 2013. The nearly 1 billion pageviews were driven by millions of daily […] Continue Reading
Clicks, conversions, targets – we can cloak consumer actions in buzzwords all day long, but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re talking about human behavior here. People can be unpredictable, so in order to understand behavioral response to advertising, it can be helpful to understand how the human brain works. A relatively new subfield within […] Continue Reading
Have you ever noticed that the holiday shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier every year? Whether that’s a symptom of mass consumerism or the retailers who contribute to it, many would agree that brands of all kinds are now seeing opportunities to capitalize on Q4 consumer spending habits much earlier than the actual […] Continue Reading
Let’s face it: we can only predict consumer behavior with so much accuracy. When it comes to pay per click advertising, many established practices are based on predicting how users will phrase their keywords, and then testing those practices. In the past few years, marketers have been adding long-tail keywords to their campaigns in hopes […] Continue Reading
Imagine this: You’ve invested time, money, and a little heart and soul into developing a website that you’re really proud of. The site has all the copy, forms, plugins, and media you need to start generating conversions, and now you’re ready to show it off to the world. You’ve smartly invested in online advertising channels, […] Continue Reading
If you’ve ever run a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign on a search network, only to have lackluster results, you may be wondering what the big fuss about PPC advertising is. You’re not alone—many companies start off right by developing great products/services and properly segmenting their target audience. But when they run PPC ads, they end […] Continue Reading
Monetizing your website doesn’t have to be all sponsored posts and PPC advertising. In fact, there are plenty of exciting and underused ways that you could potentially make money from your site. If you’re interested in monetizing your website and in trying something new, consider one of these unique ways to make some money from […] Continue Reading
Since the dawn of SEO, companies have been using creative tactics to make sure their brand is positioned atop their competitors as much as possible. While using a pay per click advertising campaign to bid on a competing company’s keywords is a common practice, there are risks as well as rewards. Using your competition’s branded […] Continue Reading
The dreaded audit: in life and in business, it’s usually more of a source of stress than anything else. Fortunately, the IRS has little interest in what you’re doing with your Google AdWords campaign. After all, if you’re reading this article, that’s probably your responsibility. As a digital marketing professional, it’s a common and recommended […] Continue Reading
The digital marketplace today is overflowing with agencies willing to do your online marketing grunt work for you. However, for some companies, this isn’t always an option. If you work for a smaller company on a budget, or a complex product brand, for example, it’s likely that all digital marketing projects are tackled by your […] Continue Reading
Every minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Every month, six billion hours of video content are watched on the site. Technically, it’s also the world’s second busiest search engine. With so many eyeballs concentrated in one network, this is an ideal advertising opportunity for brands whose products and services are best illustrated […] Continue Reading
When it comes to pay per click advertising, it’s well known that broad keywords tend to generate more traffic. In fact, one-third of Google ad clicks and conversions come from broad match keywords. But attracting large volumes of visitors to your website doesn’t always mean that they’re high quality—in fact, low quality clicks can be […] Continue Reading
One of the biggest challenges for online marketers today is converting those search clicks into real leads and conversions. In recent years, search advertisers have attempted to tackle this challenge by working further into the consumer buying experience. Traditional search advertising typically reaches customers in the “awareness stage.” However, retargeting allows marketers to reach consumers […] Continue Reading
We’ve mentioned before just how important it is to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing. One space where this is particularly important is in pay per click advertising. Because PPC advertising often goes up in price when more people are competing for it, you should ensure that you’re aware of who else could […] Continue Reading
As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Daniel Yomtobian is one of Internet advertising’s top innovators and is a recognized expert in online marketing. Last fall, Yomtobian started to support the efforts of Roya Mahboob who was named to the Time 100 2013 Most Influential People in the World in April 2013. Mahboob started as a not-profit entity […] Continue Reading
Mobile advertising is a great way to monetize your website on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. In fact, mobile traffic is set to overtake desktop traffic this year. However, when it comes to mobile, many websites are floundering. Why is that? Mobile is an inherently different experience from a desktop website – simply throwing […] Continue Reading
SEARCH LUMAscape from Terence Kawaja is included in the “Search” LUMAscape, which provides information about search engines, as well as agencies, SEO tools, web analytics and more. is included in the “Search Networks/Syndication” section. Continue Reading
When challenged to a softball game against our friends at Keller Williams, we gladly accepted!  Although we weren’t the victors this time around, we all had a ton of fun and that made us all winners (corny but true). Stay tuned for our re-match! Enjoy the gallery below! Continue Reading
If you’re running advertising on Internet websites, there are often a few simple ways you can increase the number of times your pay per click ads actually get clicked. Ads per click often have many different elements, from the copy to the design to the placement. If you’re running ads, it’s important to optimize each […] Continue Reading
One of the highest-performing types of ads on Internet websites is the humble banner ad. Although it may not be as flashy as video pre-roll ads, banner ads can be a great way to reach potential customers, build your brand and create conversions. After all, you’ve designed a great website built to support your fantastic […] Continue Reading
The smartphone market seems to be growing by leaps and bounds lately. The Pew Research Center and comScore each released surveys recently, showing that smartphones account for more than half of all mobile subscribers, as well as more than 50% of American adults. The massive growth in smartphone adoption since the technology’s introduction in 2007 […] Continue Reading
If you’re looking to monetize your website, one of the best ways is to get people visiting again and again. After all, people rarely buy products on their first visit to your site, and if you’re monetizing through pay per click advertising, you may have better success the more often people visit your website. There’s […] Continue Reading
Are your users sticking around? That’s how you know if you have a “sticky” website. It’s the opposite of a bounce (somebody who visits your site and leaves right away), typically measured as average time on site. When people don’t want to leave (and their average time on site increases), you know you’ve got a […] Continue Reading
Yikes! It’s the end of the month and your ad inventory fill rates are not quite as high as you’d like them to be. You could accept that it’s going to be a slow month for ad revenue, or you could fight back. While there are plenty of ways to fill up your ad inventory, […] Continue Reading
Great News!  Roya Mahboob was included as one of the honorees on the 2013 TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World. Mahboob, who is the woman behind (formerly the Afghan Development Project), helps build computer-connected classrooms for women in Afghanistan. Last summer, our CEO Daniel Yomtobian, was one of the first corporate entities […] Continue Reading
Everybody knows that the very best banner ad placement is “above the fold,” but what does that mean? And is it right for your website? Every single site has different needs when it comes to banner ads and other types of advertising. If you’re looking to monetize your website, try these tips to learn the […] Continue Reading
Running a PPC advertising (or “pay per click” advertising) campaign can feel like an overwhelming challenge. However, running a great PPC advertising campaign is within your grasp. It’s important to remember that PPC isn’t rocket science, it’s an art.  Choosing keywords for your PPC advertising is like choosing which type of paint to use for […] Continue Reading
In case you haven’t noticed, advertising on the Internet is everywhere—and I mean everywhere! When you check your email, you see ads in the sidebar. On Facebook, you are confronted by ads that attempt to capitalize on the things you talk about with your friends or links that you post. When you are catching up […] Continue Reading
Bounce rates can tell you a lot about the performance and effectiveness, or lack thereof, of certain pages of your website. A high bounce rate will indicate that something is amiss with your webpage, as it is not enticing visitors to continue viewing other pages of your website. A page with a low bounce rate […] Continue Reading
[youtube=] Tony Terani, VP of Agency/Advertiser Services, recently gave a keynote presentation at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. Drawing from his fifteen year experience in  Pay Per Click advertising industry, Terani shared with MBA students how to win the job interview. He offers students pithy advice on how to succeed at job interviews, including steps […] Continue Reading
The digital age of advertising has quickly caught up to, and perhaps even surpassed, traditional advertising. Young marketers in the industry might not even know how to go about advertising in print media. Their minds are full of fresh techniques like search marketing, display advertising, social media, and affiliate marketing. That said, traditional advertising is […] Continue Reading
When you created the most incredible product ever, you didn’t expect to be sitting here later, having sold three, all to your mother.  Why isn’t your Inbox over-flowing with orders from people dying to get their hands on this incredible item? How were you blinded to reality?  Nobody can buy what they do not know exists. […] Continue Reading
Crafting the perfect search PPC campaign requires initial research, understanding what your customers want, using effective techniques, testing, optimizing, and measuring. The process may seem overwhelming, but a strong marketer will have a system in place to build, execute, and optimize PPC ads that produce strong ROI. Creating effective ads isn’t an exact science, and new techniques […] Continue Reading
Next week we’ll be exhibiting at AdTech San Francisco on April 9th-10th at the Moscone Center West. If you are in the area or attending, let’s set up some time to meet and discuss how we can help you achieve your 2012 online advertising goals. Click here to schedule a meeting and let us know what […] Continue Reading
As you know, the “Tier 1” search engines; Google, Yahoo! and Bing, dominate search traffic.  In fact, they receive 95% of all search traffic. Yet, other options are available to search engine marketers. Where do the other 5% go? When used correctly, tier 2 search engines are often a viable way to make conversions with a […] Continue Reading
Great news! We’ve officially launched our publisher bounce monetization product Exit Yield™! To borrow it’s explanation from the press release below: “Exit Yield™ is a non-obtrusive ad solution allowing website publishers to monetize exit traffic without compromising their current revenue generating strategies.” You can read the full and view release and product demos below.   […] Continue Reading
Do you run an online store? Thinking about it? As an e-commerce company, you’ll have to work hard to remain effective in online advertising. Competition is fierce and ever-increasing as the Internet becomes inhabited more and more by online sellers. Therefore, it is vital to make your presence known and become an established name among […] Continue Reading
We’ll be exhibiting at LeadsCon in Las Vegas on March 19th-20th at the Mirage Hotel. If you are in the area or attending, let’s set up some time to meet to discuss how we can help you achieve your 2013 online ad goals. Let us know what works best for you and one of our […] Continue Reading
Online advertising and branding are crucial components of the success of any modern business. There are a number of ways to establish your brand in the marketplace, and there are also several ways to directly track the interactions, conversions, and other important metrics of your advertising investment. One of the most common and efficient means […] Continue Reading
                    Next to helping our advertisers and publishers succeed, there are few things we enjoy more than dancing and funny internet videos.  When an opportunity to do both came along, it’s just something we couldn’t pass up.  So sit back, and enjoy’s edition of the […] Continue Reading
Right smack in the coldest part of winter is a day that makes most women rub their hands together in anticipation and men to shiver in fear.  Women start thinking of love and romance, hearts, chocolates and flowers and men start contemplating the consequences of what happens if they get it wrong.  Of course, what […] Continue Reading
We’re football fans, but we’re even bigger fans of (great) ads; Million dollar spots with high production value, huge stars and clever scripts?  We’re in! It took a bit, but we’ve pulled together our favorite commercials from the big game!  Let us know if you have any favs that didn’t make the list!     […] Continue Reading
From the original AT&T and Zima banner ads featured on in 1998 to the behavior-based targeted advertising slyly blended in with web content people digest daily, the world of Internet advertising has changed the marketing game and way businesses think about connecting with consumers. The Internet itself was established as an information database; a […] Continue Reading
  As you collect data about marketing hits and misses of 2012, perhaps you’re feeling even more pressure than ever to perform even better this year. Not to worry marketers, if you already have a remarketing campaign in place, below are some New Year’s Resolutions to build on successes in 2013.  If you haven’t started […] Continue Reading
We’ve all watched the Black Friday footage with grotesque interest. Maybe you nabbed some deep deals on Cyber Monday. Aside from a few cracked ribs and maxed out credit cards, we could argue the nation is in good shape. According to ComScore, $21.4 billion has been spent online for the holiday season to date with […] Continue Reading
  PPC and SEO are big buzz words for businesses, companies, and organizations with websites and an interest in generating sales and conversions through an online presence. These two different types of Internet marketing and advertising actually work hand in hand to convert searchers into customers, and using one without the other may leave you […] Continue Reading
One of the (many) perks of being in Los Angeles is being able to catch a Lakers game now and then so we decided to invite some clients to join us.  Unfortunately, the Lakers lost (we’ll get them next time) but that didn’t stop us from having a blast!  Check out the gallery below! Continue Reading
Turkey = The Campaign Everyone knows the Turkey is the main event. After all, isn’t Thanksgiving often called “Turkey Day?” When envisioning the perfect marketing strategy, you’re focused on your campaign. In the same way families might debate on the best way to cook a turkey, (Breast up? Breast down? Deep fried??!) one could argue […] Continue Reading
You have a product or service that you want to sell, and you know you need an online presence to keep up with your competitors. You also know there are a lot of ways to market and advertise online these days. How do you get started? You’ve likely heard of Pay Per Click (PPC), and you […] Continue Reading
After another great AdTech we’re back!  On the heels of a devastating hurricane that ravaged the city, we were pleasantly surprised to see the amount of exhibitors and attendees at the show. Although there weren’t as many people as there have been at past shows, we had a substantial amount of meaningful conversations. It seems […] Continue Reading
Halloween must be one of my favorite holidays ever. When else can we as adults play dress up while at work!? What’s even more incredible is the creativity and ingenuity of some of the people here. Seeing someone show the holiday spirit is special but some of he costumes were really amazing! Check out the gallery below!   Here’s […] Continue Reading
Bounce & Exit rates have plagued website owners since the creation of the back button. You try to improve your bounce rates, but the fact is, you can’t help every visitor no matter how great your content is and up until recently, you haven’t been able to do something about it.  Remarketing is a great […] Continue Reading
1. You Don’t Craft Creative Ad Copy Creating general copy misses the mark in pay per click advertising where a specific need is being addressed. If I search “B&B in Sleepy Hollow, NY” but an ad comes up with none of my copy, perhaps with a headline that reads “Overnight in Hudson Valley,” this does […] Continue Reading
1. Improve your website This is the most important thing to remember. Take advantage of free software such as Google Analytics to unearth your sub-par web pages (view the Exit Pages report) and then tackle the issue at hand. Watch out for clutter; having too many things on your home page can lower your rates! […] Continue Reading
  [iframe src=”″ width=”560″ height=”316″] As CEO of, I want to update you on the progress of the Afghan Development Initiative that we are so excited to be a part of; see our original announcement here. Over the past 5 months has been one of the partners working with Film Annex in a remarkable […] Continue Reading
We’re back from another great Affiliate Summit East! The meet market and exhibit hall had the typical energy you would come to expect from a building full of self-made affiliate marketers.  The name of the game was “performance”.  Everyone was there to learn how they can increase and find more of it.  That’s where we stepped […] Continue Reading
Successful salesman and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said: “Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” As a business owner you know this to be true. Whether working in the B2C market or B2B arena, you are constantly overcoming sales obstacles and re-selling your services again […] Continue Reading
Landing pages are where you send potential customers and subscribers and are arguably the most important element to the conversion process. Whether you are a first-time marketer or a veteran, these 11 items are a must during the creation process. 1. Start With the End in Mind What is the ideal desired outcome? Are you […] Continue Reading
  It’s about that time! Next month we’re off to Affiliate Summit East on August 12-14! If you’re going, please be sure to visit us to learn how we can help achieve your ad goals. Our mission is to provide online advertisers with easy, affordable and effective online marketing solutions including high-quality Keyword PPC traffic, […] Continue Reading
We all know that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising performs because advertisers are able to measure the effectiveness of their ads and pay accordingly.  But knowing how well your ad is doing isn’t the same as knowing how to get those great results in the first place. No matter how fantastic your marketing campaign behind […] Continue Reading
With the 4th of July approaching, I thought it would be interesting to discuss how the Revolutionary War can relate to online marketing. In fact, by observing how our founding fathers handled themselves in their fight for independence, you can learn how to become a more effective marketer. On that note, let’s talk about some […] Continue Reading
  In order to run a successful display advertising campaign it’s important to maximize your ROI. Otherwise, your performance will be minimal and you can even lose money in some cases. While there are a seemingly infinite amount of techniques and strategies out there, let’s discuss some of the primary ways to get the most […] Continue Reading
My name is Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of and I wanted to take a moment to share with you a commitment we recently made to work alongside Film Annex in hopes to improve the Afghanistan Educational System. Film Annex currently works with 28 Ad-networks, with being one of them. The collaborative efforts have been […] Continue Reading
With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to update your search and display/banner ads to capitalize on the celebration. Due to the fact that there are no other major holidays during the month of June, catering to Father’s Day can be an effective form of seasonal marketing. Let’s discuss the […] Continue Reading
While there are numerous types of lead generation strategies out there, direct email marketing is a channel that has proven to be effective time and time again. Direct email marketing is an email-based campaign in which a category-specific advertisement is delivered to a targeted list of opt-in email subscribers. When done correctly, this form of […] Continue Reading
What a way to start a Monday!  Our founder & CEO Daniel Yomtobian has been selected as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® award. This is high praise as past winners include Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google.  After a few in-depth interviews and […] Continue Reading
It’s hard to believe that our first ad:tech was over 6 years ago, but there we were, an incredible team at a powerful show.  As ad:tech veterans, we observed a couple interesting changes in the conversations at the show: 1. We had some very involved conversations with current and future clients about their ad goals […] Continue Reading
    We’ll be exhibiting at AdTech San Francisco on April 3rd-4th at the Moscone Center, booth #1400. If you are in the area or attending, let’s set up some time to meet discuss how we can help you achieve your 2012 online advertising goals. Use the meeting set up form to let us know […] Continue Reading
Advertising is an undisputed results-oriented method of increasing traffic and conversions to your site – but only if it is done correctly. Many entrepreneurs assume that as long as they have an online identity, it’s just a matter of time before they get discovered. They soon find out that they are but a tiny blot […] Continue Reading
Valentine’s Day is alive and well at!  Some of our lovely team members were treated to some holiday treats including flowers, candies and teddy bears.  Way to go boyfriends/fiancees/husbands!  That’ll definitely earn you some brownie points. Check out the gallery below as we take a “Love-Day” tour around the office! Happy Valentine’s Day! Continue Reading
Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet marketing mainstay, it works because it’s the perfect opportunity to engage a potential customer- while they’re searching. Seasonal events like Valentine’s Day give PPC marketers an opportunity to generate even more traffic and conversions off of inflated holiday-themed searching.  Those who don’t take advantage of this increased interest […] Continue Reading
It’s live! We have successfully completed the launch and changeover of our new search/email platform.  To login or create a new account click here. In addition to the whole new look of our interface, advertisers and partners will have access to new tools & functionality. For more details, please read our blog post for advertisers […] Continue Reading
Earlier this month we announced that we were going to update our search & email marketing interface built for a more effective advertiser experience. Well, the time has come and we will be launching the new interface on Monday, Jan 23rd. To prepare you, here are some of the high level updates and changes to […] Continue Reading
  Downtime Our system will go down at Midnight of January 23, 2012 Pacific Time.  Our feed will not be accessible until approximately 9am and you may experience intermittent delivery for the rest of the day. New Look and Feel When you log in on Monday the 23rd, you will notice a few changes to […] Continue Reading
Affiliate Summit West last week held a treasure trove of information for every kind of online marketer. One presentation from our friends at about advanced Retargeting Tactics really caught our attention. Note: here at, we believe that there is an art and science to Retargeting which is why we call it Remarketing. Display […] Continue Reading
On Monday January 23rd, at 12am we will be unveiling our improved search marketing platform. In addition to a whole new look, advertisers will have access to new tools and functionality built for a more effective advertiser experience. More than Just a New Look!   Continue Reading
We’ve finally recovered from AdTech, and what a show it was!  The sheer amount of people, ideas and innovation is enough to make your head spin! We’ve said it before, but there really is no substitution for some face time…not the Apple kind either.  In this busy world we live in surrounded by computer and […] Continue Reading
With the holiday season fast approaching and Black Friday right around the corner, holiday shopping is already starting to creep to the front of our minds. Now more than ever, since everyone is dealing with busy schedules, people are turning to online shopping to get their stressful holiday shopping out of the way.  Although most […] Continue Reading
Well, it’s already been another year and our team has grown!  To celebrate the holiday right, we threw another delicious pizza party complete with a costume contest! The three categories of consideration are: Funniest, Most Creative and Longest Time to Make.  The team went all out this year with some clever to downright frightening costumes. […] Continue Reading
    With the unstoppable advancement of digital technology, it is no surprise that advertisers will continue to find innovative ways to connect with and engage consumers. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through display advertising. Although it has been said that display advertising is one of the most popular forms […] Continue Reading
    Hey, remember that TV ad? Well then according to Nielsen and Google, you probably watched it across multiple screens. Nielsen and Google’s new study revealed that viewing an ad on multiple media platforms substantially increased consumers’ ability to remember an ad campaign compared to viewing the ad on TV alone. Nearly 75% of […] Continue Reading
In case you missed it, this week the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced that online advertising for the first half of 2011 is up 23 percent to nearly $15 billion. This Techcrunch article points out that for last year the figure was a mere $12.1 billion. Search and display-related advertising (the latter including banner ads, […] Continue Reading
Realtors are one group of professionals who can benefit from local remarketing. That’s why the team is here at the California Realtors Association Expo in San Jose, Calif., this week. Just think of it: people do much of their research for home buying online. They’re researching real estate agents and of course they’re looking […] Continue Reading
  Our sales team is hard at work over at on this beautiful day in Boston! We’ve been having some great conversations with all different types of e-tailers, and once again Remarketing has been the hot topic of conversation. If you’re attending this year, we would love to speak with you about’s […] Continue Reading
We can’t believe that fall is already upon us, but we’re excited to head over to Boston for the 2011 Annual Summit next week! If you’re attending, make sure to stop by the booth #308 to chat! We would love to discuss how can help retailers battle shopping cart abandonment and improve […] Continue Reading
We’ve had a wonderfully busy week so far at Affiliate Summit East, and we can’t wait to enjoy the hustle and bustle of LeadsCon tomorrow. The show’s been incredibly busy with a lot of business being made and a lot of ECN credits being given out! Yesterday, we had the opportunity to release the results […] Continue Reading
According to a new Pew Internet survey, 92% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web, and 59% of them do so on a daily basis. This puts search at the top of the list of most popular online activities, but it’s not alone! Among online adults, 92% use email, with […] Continue Reading
To celebrate our move to our new office we had a Karaoke night at Skinny’s Lounge for an evening of food, drinks and songs/laughter!  There’s nothing like a rousing night of singing your favorite tunes to level the playing field and unite everyone together with gems like Livin’ on a Prayer, I will Survive, Baby […] Continue Reading
It wasn’t easy, but we’ve just about moved into our new office.  There are still a few loose ends to wrap up, but we are all enjoying our new space.  As you can tell from the pictures below we have quite a bit of room to spread our wings and fill in the space which […] Continue Reading
It’s official! Construction has finished and is packing up & moving to our new office on the 11th floor!  Moving is never easy but at least we have the opportunity to clean out our desks and shed any excess papers and those trade show giveaways.  We’re all working hard and are excited about coming […] Continue Reading is moving on up…to the 11th floor that is! With our team constantly expanding, we’ve already grown out of our office space that we moved into almost 3 years ago.  Our new space occupies half of the 11th floor in the fantastic Sherman Oaks Galleria located in the San Fernando Valley, California. Over the […] Continue Reading
With July 4th a thing of the past, summer is in full swing. For us that means we’re hitting the road! If you’re in New York this August, look for us! The team will be at Affiliate Summit East 2011 August 22-23 in NYC at the Hilton New York.  It’s the best show for […] Continue Reading
Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian was recently quoted in a great E-Commerce Times piece entitled “It’s Back to Boom Times for Online Advertising.” The article discusses eMarketer’s recent predictions that display advertising will overtake search as the largest online ad spending category by 2015. eMarketer predicted that this year, display advertising will rise 24.5 percent to […] Continue Reading
Last week we went to the Internet Retailer Conference & Expo in San Diego, and it was great!  We’ve attended for many years and this year the show was bigger and better than ever. It was great to talk to so many of our existing customers and introduce our services to those we hope will […] Continue Reading
Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian recently wrote an article for iMedia Connection that discusses ways to combat banner blindness. He discusses how, when targeted correctly, online ads can help us save money, research products, update us on our favorite brands and lead us to new ones we like. Dan also points out how, contrary to popular […] Continue Reading
  Ah, summertime. Think of all the holidays and special events coming up: graduations, Father’s Day, weddings, July 4th… As marketers, we need to stay relevant. To do that, we need to think like consumers (a.k.a. people) think. What are they Googling? What are thinking of buying? Tips for keeping your campaigns relevant: Tune up […] Continue Reading
May 11th 2011 was the date of’s 10 Year Anniversary and in addition to celebrating with an AdTech SF Party we wanted to do something special for all of our team members.  After all, it’s all of our hard work that keeps our advertisers and partners happy and profitable.  We decided a fun-filled day […] Continue Reading
  Congratulations to Jeff Giles of First Impression Interactive! Jeff attended our 10th Anniversary party at ad:tech, had his picture taken, tagged himself on our Facebook page and is walking away with a brand new iPad! We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our Facebook iPad giveaway. Keep your eyes out for even more promotions […] Continue Reading
We had a blast in San Francisco at our 10 Year Anniversary celebration during ad:tech, and we hope you did too! A huge thanks goes out to all of our attendees for making the party so successful.  We also wanted to congratulate Gabe Douek of Announce Media for winning our Vespa! You can find […] Continue Reading
Our 10th Anniversary Party is fast approaching, and we’re counting down the hours! We believe that there are many reasons everyone else should be, too. We’ll send one lucky attendee home with a Vespa, the popular Italian motor scooter. For a chance to win this Vespa, be sure to bring an extra business card for […] Continue Reading
As most of you may know, this week Google announced the +1 button to rival Facebook’s Like button. This new innovation launched on Wednesday as a part of Google’s search engine, allowing you to “+1” the ads and search results that you like.   It comes as no surprise that the Internet is evolving with […] Continue Reading
Ten years and 9 billion delivered visits later, we’re having a party! Join us in celebrating 10 years of success during ad:tech San Francisco. The party, which includes a hosted bar, will take place on Tuesday, April 12th, beginning at 9PM. The party will be at Ruby Skye, San Francisco’s #1 night club. All that’s […] Continue Reading
As you may recall, we announced our Email Content Network (ECN) back in January. To recap, ECN connects advertisers’ ads with millions of consumers who’ve opted in to get email updates from our high quality publisher partners in categories of interest. The new network is geared towards advertisers looking for extra vertical targeting for their […] Continue Reading
It is incredible to think that online retailers lose about $18 billion each year because of visitors who abandon their shopping carts. That’s according to a new study by Listrak highlighted by MarketingVox recently in 11 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for Shopping Cart Abandonment. While the Listrak study focuses on the lack of email remarketing […] Continue Reading
Wow! We can’t believe the show is almost over! As we wind down our second day of the show at eTail West, pack things up and head home, it’s important for us to remember all of the meaningful conversations we’ve had with current and potential clients & partners.  These events are rare opportunities to meet […] Continue Reading
Our sales team is hard at work over at eTail West in beautiful Palm Desert, California and the floor is buzzing.  We certainly have a lot to offer e-tailers when it comes to marketing solutions but it seems that our Remarketing solution is really turning heads.Visitor conversion rates are still hovering at about 4% which […] Continue Reading
This weekend we’re heading to eTail 2011 in Palm Desert, Calif.  Stop by to meet the friendly crew at booth #98.  The show, which runs Feb. 22 -25, presents an array of great topics relating to multichannel ecommerce so there’s plenty to learn. If you’re pining for an iPad then you’ll definitely want to […] Continue Reading
We really love reporting good news, so when we finally sat down and tore through 2010’s U.S. Digital Year in Review from comScore we had to share its findings with our faithful blog readers. We’ve heard rumors of 2010 being the year things turned around for the economy and evidence for and against that statement. […] Continue Reading
The story about Facebook ads getting half the clicks of network banners caught our attention earlier this week. A snippet from the ClickZ piece: Facebook’s average click-through rate was 0.051 percent in 2010, down from 0.063 percent the year before. So for two straight years, the platform has come in below the industry standard of […] Continue Reading
Where did January go? The post-holiday crazy-busy period has deposited us in almost-February. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to get serious and think about goals for your pay-per-click campaigns this year. We came across Jump-Starting Your 2011 PPC Campaign which offers very handy tips to put a shine on your campaigns. Here’s a sample: […] Continue Reading
Fresh from Affiliate Summit  in Vegas we wanted to be sure you heard about the new Email Content Network we announced at the show. For advertisers looking to expand their audiences, it’s a great option for reaching people who have opted-in to emails on categories that interest them. Thanks to San Fernando Valley Business Journal and for […] Continue Reading
The team over at is very excited to be heading back to the Affiliate Summit, this time in Las Vegas! We met so many affiliate merchants and vendors last year and can’t wait to get back to meet more. We are particularly excited to hear Drew Eric Whitman, internationally renowned advertising trainer, give his keynote […] Continue Reading
 As 2010 draws to a close, everyone at would like to thank all of our customers and partners for making the past year a very memorable one for us.  Thank you for your business and for your friendship! We look ahead to 2011 as a year with good things in store for all of […] Continue Reading
By: Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of Recently I read a story in the New York Times about a young woman and entrepreneur Amy Gottesman. After retiring from her career in retail and missing her income she decided to start her own website offering entertainment for parties called Smash Party Entertainment. The article describes Amy’s success […] Continue Reading
Time is closing in for online retailers as the number of holiday shopping days dwindles. It’s more important than ever to recapture shoppers who added items to a cart, then left without purchasing. In fact it’s possible to succeed in bringing back shoppers and having them purchase.  Read the latest from our CEO Dan Yomtobian […] Continue Reading
In the aftermath of the extended holiday weekend we are thrilled to see an amazing turnaround from last holiday season’s lack-luster sales. According to an article from Internet Retailer’s Allison Enright, E-retailers are now predicting online sales will grow ahead of previous estimates! Allison reported, “Online sales totals for the Thursday through Monday period are […] Continue Reading
Every year at Thanksgiving we set aside some time to think about what we are thankful for. This year is no exception here at  As CEO I feel it’s important for me share a list of things I’m thankful this season both personally and on behalf of our team. 1. First and foremost, I […] Continue Reading
The holidays have crept up on us, so to better prepare marketers our CEO decided to share his insights on shopping cart abandonment. Citing research from the National Federation of Retailers showing that 44 percent of consumers age 18 and older will shop online for holiday items this year, Daniel goes on to explain how […] Continue Reading
When we decided to attend Ad:Tech again this fall we had no idea what we were in for. The show ended up being one of the most action-packed conferences we’ve been to in quite awhile – a great sign for our economy! Everyone on the team was extremely busy for the duration of the […] Continue Reading
Happy November! There’s nothing better than a trip to the Big Apple in the fall. Ad:tech New York kicks off this week, November 3-4. It’s the largest gathering of digital marketers. You know you want to be there! The crew will naturally be at the show so come by booth #1512 and say hi. We’ll […] Continue Reading
Wishing you the best ROI your eyes have seen, Have a frightastically fun and safe Halloween! -The Team PICS! The team has some fun with some great costumes and a Halloween Pizza par-tay! Continue Reading
Last night was our social bowling night and man, was it a blast!  Food, drinks, gutterballs and laughs were a-plenty!  Let the pics below sweep you away and join us for a rousing night of friendly competition and company camaraderie! Continue Reading
Daniel Yomtobian gave Search Engine Watch’s readers some excellent tips with alternative ways for advertisers to utilize Remarketing. Many of our advertisers at have been utilizing our remarketing technology for some time now, so Daniel felt it was important to share some of the creative campaign ideas that have been deployed successfully. Have you […] Continue Reading
Fresh off our trip to in Dallas the team invites you to take a peek at our Facebook gallery chock full of photos from the show floor. Here’s what our iPAD giveaway winner Phil Broadbent (pictured above, center) of had to say about his big win: What is and what do you do for the […] Continue Reading
Are you heading to in Dallas? Have you heard a lot about what online marketing can do for your retail company but you don’t really have a grasp on it yet? Perfect! Come by the Booth # 1405 and chat with us! The team will be attending  the show in full force […] Continue Reading
If you haven’t yet read about the new Comscore study,  “When Money Moves to Digital, Where Should It Go?,” we’ve got you covered. Just read on for the highlights you’ll want to have handy for those water cooler chats you know are in your future. Researchers analyzed the effectiveness of 103 online display advertising campaigns from 39 advertisers covering seven industries.  They looked […] Continue Reading
In between running Daniel took some time to share some of his insights with ADOTAS, the email newsletter and web site  that reaches over 100,000 advertising professionals monthly, and MarketingVox, the news source for interactive marketers. Dan’s thought piece featured in ADOTAS this week discusses the IAB “Privacy Matters” campaign and the effect he […] Continue Reading
We like to consider ourselves leaders in the Remarketing space, especially since we have helped so many of our clients launch successful campaigns with the technology. To be true thought leaders however, we need to give advertisers advice on the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Remarketing… There are websites that […] Continue Reading
As an expert in search  it’s no surprise that reporters were looking for commentary from our CEO– Daniel Yomtobian after the Google Instant announcement.  Daniel caught up with Erika Morphy of E-Commerce Times to share his thoughts on what Google Instant means for advertisers. Here’s what Daniel had to say to about the announcement… “Updating […] Continue Reading
Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian was invited to speak on the Intro to Remarketing Panel at SES San Francisco. Below is the excerpt from his presentation introducing Remarkeitng; What it is, How it works and its benefits. Enjoy! [youtube=] Continue Reading
We’re still recovering from all the mayhem–in a good way!– that was Search Engine Strategies San Francisco. CEO Daniel Yomtobian presented an introduction to remarketing and joined in a panel discussion on the topic. Remarketing is a topic that’s near and dear to us and Daniel was honored to be invited to participate. It […] Continue Reading
That’s right, our CEO has been chosen to share his insights on Remarketing with the attendees of SES San Fran! The panel called “Intro to Remarketing” will feature industry experts (including Daniel) who will share their experiences with Remarketing and the impact it has had on advertisers’ overall ROI. The panelists will also address the […] Continue Reading
Search marketers, take note: if your gut told you that Bing was gaining market share, you were right. Bing’s market share of the U.S. search market is 10-12%. Should you think about spending more PPC dollars on Bing? In MarketingVox’s “What I  Like about Bing”, CEO Daniel Yomtobian answers that question for you:  “Advertisers not currently buying SEM […] Continue Reading
  Being ingrained in the online marketing industry we like to think we’ve seen it all. It would be downright selfish not share some of the successful campaign ideas we’ve seen implemented by our advertisers. By now the ad industry is catching on to the power of Remarketing so we’d like to share some non-traditional […] Continue Reading
Our CEO, Dan Yomtobian has been recognized by Search Engine Watch as a thought leader in Remarketing technology. They have even asked him to contribute his thoughts to their site monthly. That means each month you’ll be able to get a dose of advice from Dan on anything and everything Remarketing. Check out Dan’s first […] Continue Reading
Remember the “helping hand” from those Hamburger Helper commercials? He always came just in time to help enrich dinner for the busy family finally giving them some quality time. We at like to think of ourselves as the helping hand for shopping carts–we find users who have abandoned shopping and use our secret blend […] Continue Reading
Well, there have been reports of the new iPhone arriving a day early and our director of business development David Bilgre happens to be one of the lucky ones!  If you are as hyped as we are for this new beauty, then check out the showcase below. Pros: The screen is super clear, the apps […] Continue Reading
Well we just got back from the Internet Retailer Conference & Expo in Chicago and it was awesome!  Not only was it a huge show but the quality of attendees and exhibitors was fantastic. We highly recommend this show for all online retailers.  The wealth of knowledge within the sessions and exhibitors is fantastic and […] Continue Reading
It’s our CEO and Founder, Daniel Yomtobian, taking over the SES New York show floor. Check out this footage of Dan in his element, chatting with attendees about and its services. [youtube=] Continue Reading
We’re gearing up for our trip to the Windy City next week for the Internet Retailer  show.  If you’re planning to be there please come on by! is booth #130. We don’t bite. We’re looking forward to some great chow in Chicago. Any fave restaurants? Getting hungry just thinking about it. Watch this space […] Continue Reading
Remarketing…retargeting…behavioral targeting…all terms that you’ve probably heard. Recently they have become almost as popular as the Justin Bieber and more scandalous than Lindsay Lohan. In light of all the recent news surrounding this technology we felt compelled to debunk all the myths that have come up. So here are the Top 4 Remarketing Myths we’re […] Continue Reading
No but seriously…we have officially hit over 100 “Likes” on our Facebook page and would love for you to share in our excitement. Go to our Facebook page and join all the cool kids who have liked us. As a thank you, use the promo code we provided to get yourself a $25 search […] Continue Reading
Congrats, Adam! He’s the winner of  our Apple iPad giveaway at the recent Ad:Tech San Francisco show. Adam, who’s from,  tells us he’s really excited about winning this (Wouldn’t you be?) Here’s a little more about our lucky winner dude: What is and what do you do for the company? Adam:  I am […] Continue Reading
Congratulations to lucky girl Kirsten who is the winner of our iPad giveaway from eTail West! While Yogi Kirsten is no stranger to winning, we had to get her reaction to the news… What is Gaiam and what do you do for the company? Kirsten: Gaiam offers products, solutions and services to people who […] Continue Reading
Earlier this week, Laurie Sullivan, writer and editor for Mediapost, posted her conversation with’s CEO Daniel Yomtobian. The two of them discussed the launch of our new CPA Remarketing platform as well as what is next for Catch the full story here. Continue Reading
Congratulations to Sophie Curtis from!  She is our lucky iPad giveaway winner from Search Engine Stratgies ew York! We caught up with Sophie after the initial shock of winning wore off with some hard hitting questions: What is Marchex and what do you do for the company? Sophie: Marchex is a performance advertising […] Continue Reading
Of course you do! Who doesn’t?! What if we told you that just by sending one Tweet you have the chance to win your very own Apple iPad? Well guess what…that’s what we’re telling you! In addition to our famous “business card drop” this year at ad:tech we are hosting a Twitter contest called, “I […] Continue Reading
Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who have an iPad. Or maybe you just ogle your friend’s or colleague’s or sister’s boyfriend’s. Then there are the those who had-an-iPad-and-destroyed-it. Take a look at their anti-Pad videos if you haven’t already. Crazy stuff. Which leads us to our next point: If you’re in dire need of […] Continue Reading
Drumroll please! Starting today we offer fully managed local search marketing on the web’s large search engines.  Our new platform helps local businesses increase their ROI. How? By reaching the vast number of potential customers who don’t look in the phone book any more. Instead those customers are searching online and expect business search results to be […] Continue Reading
Greetings from Search Engine Strategies New York! Things are off to a booming start! The amount of attendees has definitely grown since we were last at the show and we are eager to meet every one of them. This show also marks the debut of our brand new booth! Below are some sweet pics of […] Continue Reading is participating in Search Engine Strategies NY 2010 at the Hilton New York. You’ll find us at booth #218. Come on by if you’re in the area. Now’s your chance to hear CEO Daniel Yomtobian!  His session, entitled “Remarketing: Why It’s the Most Underutilized Online Marketing Technology,” is Tuesday, March 23rd, at 3:30 pm.  Find it in […] Continue Reading
In a period of about 10 minutes of web surfing, how many advertisements would you say that you see….10, 15? A new ad for every new page you travel to? The point is, as Americans advertising has become a huge part of our online experience. While searching for a new pair of sneakers you might […] Continue Reading
The office is all abuzz this week with excitement for SES New York. Why are we especially excited for this show you ask? We get to watch our CEO, Daniel Yomtobian speak with esteemed marketing organization, SEMPO! It’s going to be a revealing presentation titled, “Remarketing: Why It’s the Most Underutilized Online Marketing Technology” that […] Continue Reading
Did you know it takes 10+ visits to your website to build a habit?In the spirit of March Madness we’re doing something a little wild and crazy here to boost that a bit. This month we’re offering up a $5,000 match credit on a Remarketing campaign. We take all the risk and you pay only […] Continue Reading
It’s about time that Twitter announced its ad platform…and even though we all knew this announcement was coming, we are now left wondering how they plan to tackle the advertising beast. According to TechCrunch Twitter has been plotting their ad platform for a long time now, “Last November, COO Dick Costolo told us at our […] Continue Reading
Whether you remember him from the Newly Wed Game in the 70’s or more recently from the Tournament of Rose parades, he’s a TV legend!  Bob came into the office today to chat with our CEO Daniel Yomtobian about some potential initiatives with his production company.  What were the details?  That remains to be known, […] Continue Reading
We love retailers…that’s why the eTail West conference is one of our favorite shows to attend. We’re having a great time so far talking with many friendly and fascinating people. If you haven’t come by yet please swing by booth #15 and say hello! Continue Reading
Our fearless leader, Daniel Yomtobian was honored as one of San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s Top 40 under 40!  We are very proud of Daniel as he was chosen from hundreds of nominations as one of the brightest young business people in the Valley. The 40 individuals chosen were recognized for their exceptional business ethics […] Continue Reading
Our new logo is here! See it right here? A thing of beauty. A company’s logo is a visual representation of everything it stands for. We hope you agree that our new logo embodies all of the elements of service we aim to provide for our advertisers:  Technology, Ease of use, Excellent service from a network you […] Continue Reading
[youtube=]We all know the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials, it’s one of the few events where we make sure to take bathroom breaks during the game so we don’t miss the commercials. This year we thought the Snickers commercial with Betty White was the winner! What  are your thoughts? Continue Reading
Did you happen to catch Businessweek’s  ‘Here I Am!’ GPS Location Apps Have Limited Appeal? It’s a fascinating look at some new mobile applications that are opening up huge possibilities for advertising. Right now these apps are hot mainly in Silicon Valley.  Time will tell if they catch on elsewhere. It seems that the more mobile our […] Continue Reading
Efficient Frontier recently released a report with findings that retail advertisers actually increased their spending on search this holiday season. Yes, you read that correctly, retailers actually increased spending on search advertising! According to the study based on the search agency’s client data, “spend in the retail sector grew 17 percent year on year and […] Continue Reading
Thanks to everyone who came by the booth at the Affiliate Summit the show floor has been packed! We are thrilled to be here as this is our first conference of the year and we love seeing what’s in store for the world of affiliates first hand. 2010 is sure to be an exciting […] Continue Reading
When it comes to online marketing, whether you are a newbie or an oldie, we all know the importance of good ad text.  Your ad is the doorway to your site and you want to make sure that your door looks a appealing as possible while the user is thinking about which door to walk […] Continue Reading
The holidays are almost here, and as you finish up your last minute holiday marketing it’s almost time to put down the keyboard, step away and take a break!  We are looking forward to spending some face time with family, loved ones and just taking some time for ourselves as we prepare for an epic […] Continue Reading
Just off attending the Affiliate Convention in L.A. we wanted to share some of what we heard on the floor. It seems many search affiliates are feeling difficulties with Google advertising. Affiliates are finding more and more restrictions, not to mention the highly competitive pricing. Many are evaluating additional sources that are a bit more affordable. Bing and […] Continue Reading
How many times a day do you receive an offer from a brand that is completely unimportant, irrelevant or just straight-up useless to you? Just yesterday, thousands of men across the nation received a banner advertisement announcing that J.Crew will be offering 20% off all of their skirts. Now if these men are fashion savvy […] Continue Reading
Look out Brad and Angelina, there’s a new hot couple on the scene! Yahoo and Facebook announced Wednesday that they are hooking up to allow their respective users to share activities and content with each other. Mark Walsh at MediaPost explained the partnership, “Facebook users will be able to share different types of content, such […] Continue Reading
The results of our survey with SEMPO have certainly created a buzz in the industry and we are thrilled  that we were a part of unveiling the intriguing results. At such a crucial time of the year for marketers, we hope that the results of our survey will be helpful in formulating campaigns for the […] Continue Reading
The stats from Cyber Monday are in. The latest data reveals that online purchases are up 14% over last year. Yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that retail spending is back in high gear. Now more than  ever retailers need to be out there pulling in buyers.  Tactics such as retargeting are more necessary than ever. In […] Continue Reading
Beyond all the delicious food and tryptophan induced napping hasn’t forgotten what Thanksgiving is really all about…giving thanks. This year we are thankful that we are able to increase our product offering beyond just search for our advertisers.  Additionally, we are thankful for all the new services we will be providing next year, it […] Continue Reading
Happy Monday! Take a listen to this  interview of Advertise CEO Dan Yomtobian from ad:tech earlier this month. –The Advertise team Continue Reading
We at recognize the importance of the internet…in fact we, among millions of other businesses would not exist if it weren’t for this phenomenon. That’s why we felt it was important to report the Webby Award’s compilation of the Top 10 Internet Moments of the Decade. Check them out and let us know what […] Continue Reading
Make sure to catch’s Advertising Account Executive James Kratz speaking at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2009 Conference!! G2E offers the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference for the gaming industry.  James, or Jim as he is known around, will be speaking at the “Partnership Marketing: One Makes the Other Better” session. This […] Continue Reading
Could it be that Adtech New York 2009 was the best show we’ve ever had?  We think so!  The sheer amount of people, ideas and opportunity was practically limitless.  It’s truly incredible to be a part of the conversations that are shaping today and tomorrow’s online ad industry and in turn the internet!  We also […] Continue Reading
Hey All, Ad:Tech was truly an incredible event…there were over TEN THOUSAND attendees! It was literally a sea of people in the biz. So, in an effort to make things interesting, patrolled the floor looking for attendees wearing our awesome slap bracelet giveaway. Needless to say, we put a smile on the faces of these […] Continue Reading will be exhibiting at Affiliate Convention in our home town at the Los Angeles Convention center on December 3rd-4th.  The Affiliate Convention LA is a unique opportunity to meet and share ideas with the brightest business people in the affiliate marketing industry.  Affiliate Convention is the only event in the affiliate marketing industry which […] Continue Reading
It has been an amazing day for and the day isn’t even close to over! This morning we announced our Click Fraud protection for Display Ads, right now we are having a blast at booth #1324  at Ad:Tech NYC, and tonight we are sponsoring the party of all advertising parties on the Hudson Terrace!! […] Continue Reading
Dress-Up+Pizza? Yes please!  The team here at never misses an opportunity to get into costume and eat a whole lotta pizza! Continue Reading
Everybody knows that professionals in the advertising industry know how to party…that’s why is sponsoring the VIP MIX & MINGLE event in conjunction with Ad: Tech New York! This event which is being hosted by Moss Networks promises to be the party of the week for industry professionals to mix and mingle. This party […] Continue Reading
Measurement is important in many endeavors: when we run we want to know how far we went, when we work we want to know how well we are doing, when we take a test we want a grade. It’s no surprise to us that Google is rolling out a new tool for gauging success of […] Continue Reading
In our review of articles over the past week one that caught our eye is ClickZ’s Flavors of Search Retargeting: Google AdEx, Yahoo, and Beyond by Kevin Lee. He notes that searchers have incredible receptiveness to marketing messages during search sessions, and that the high level of receptivity continues sometimes days and weeks after the […] Continue Reading
We saw this article on second tier PPC search engines and couldn’t resist throwing in our 2 cents on the matter… Evaluating Second Tier PPC Search Engines. We completely agree with Marc Poirier that second tier is in the eye of the beholder. Using a PPC search engine rather than/in addition to the giants in […] Continue Reading
In the news this week it was hard to miss Google’s upgrade of AdSense for smartphones.  It’s good to see this broadening of the reach of search ads. We always knew mobile was an emerging platform, and as a leader in the space, Google is a natural to be making these steps. The upgrade means […] Continue Reading
We’ve been reading a lot of scary news about click fraud statistics recently. Sometimes we stop and wonder how true it all really is. Our concern at is that perhaps some of this hype is being driven by third party click fraud protection companies. Think of the pharmaceutical companies who fan the flames to […] Continue Reading
Best Buy is making letters to Santa passé this season with their holiday retargeting campaign. It encourages people  to nag parents and spouses with their holiday wish lists. An email can be sent from children to parents, for example, requesting what they want from Best Buy for the holidays. If the parents decide to click […] Continue Reading
Remarketing targets previous site visitors and brings them back with highly customized ads that maximize conversions and return on advertisers’ interactive spend.Through the use of a simple visitor tagging technique, advertisers create a custom population of highly qualified web users for current and future marketing campaigns. Continue Reading
The big news this week was the unveiling of Google’s AdExchange. Ad networks are an important constituent for the exchange as noted in the the article Google’s Ad Exchange Open for Business.  And Silicon Alley Insider talks about how it will grow the overall advertising pie. It is indeed an interesting step from Google. […] Continue Reading
We read Paul Knegten’s advice on How Behavioral Targeting Should Look in the Next 6 Months at MediaPost. After reading it we couldn’t help but wonder how the rest of his audience felt about his outlook. He describes a perfect world where every website he visits knows he’s been there and counters his visit with […] Continue Reading
We came across a good primer on affiliate marketing this week for those of you who are new to it. Take a look at The New Frontier of Affiliate Marketing from ADOTAS.  For any marketers hesitant about affiliate marketing as a tool to drive and convert buyers, consider that it can stretch your marketing budget in ways not […] Continue Reading
With schools everywhere back in session, it’s the perfect time to brush up on some marketing terms you’ve seen bandied about. Let’s start with “remarketing.” In a nutshell, remarketing is the approach of targeting visitors who came and then left your site. Remarketing aims to bring them back to your site with highly customized ads. […] Continue Reading
When you live and work in a virtual word that is the internet, tradeshows are definitely a break from the norm.  Although it can be a bit exhausting when working the floor, it is great to get up close and personal with current partners, advertisers and other people of the trade.  Don’t get us wrong, […] Continue Reading and SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) recently partnered up to create and distribute a collaborative survey designed to obtain a clear understanding of the needs and demands agencies face in today’s constantly fluctuating online marketing industry. SEMPO has maintained a strong reputation as a leading global non-profit organization serving the search engine marketing […] Continue Reading
With the official start of Summer this Sunday, June 21 at 1:45 AM EST (yes we’re counting down the minutes), we thought it’d be nice to give our readers some first day of Summer fun facts! The first day of Summer (or first day of Solstice) is typically the longest day of the year. For […] Continue Reading
As a special treat for the team members as well as our local clients and partners, we set out on a wonderful sunset yacht cruise around the Marina Del Rey harbor in Los Angeles.  What’s better than a night of yummy hours’ dourves, great music, a bustling casino floor and of course an open […] Continue Reading
It seems that “cutting back” is a strong theme in our society right now; Cut back hours in front of your TV (ESPN I’ll miss you), cut back calories (pizza doesn’t have calories right?), cut back your spending (no more Starbucks lattes). Where does it end? Unfortunately, it hasn’t ended for many businesses and often […] Continue Reading
Dear Advertisers, As of May 21st 2009, has updated our campaign creation and management interface to optimize your Search Marketing text ads. Among the changes will be a streamlined campaign creation process and campaign editor with revisions in our text ad format. Our new text ad format will be updated with following character limits […] Continue Reading
On May 20th 2009, will update our campaign creation and management interface to optimize your Search Marketing text ads. Continue Reading
While exhibiting at ad:tech San Francisco our CEO Daniel Yomtobian was interviewed by Abby Johnson at WebProNews. Some topisc of coversation included: The goal of our re-brand Obstacles of a re-brand Forthcoming marketing solutions Continue Reading
We made quite a splash at last week’s ad:tech in San Francsico with the official launch of! Our Founder and CEO Dan Yomtobian was on hand at the booth to meet folks and share his insight on the future of the business and was quoted around the web in articles by, DMNews […] Continue Reading
Stay tuned for news, updates, and industry insight from If you’re attending ad:tech in San Francisco this month (April 21-23), keep an ear and eye out for our BIG news. Continue Reading
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