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Advertising Tips for the Digital Marketer
A webpage provides a point of access to businesses and their services and products. Running and maintaining a state-of-the-art website can be costly, requiring many hours of labor to update content or to remedy possible technical issues. Wouldn’t it be nice to recoup your maintenance costs, plus yield a profit? Of course – monetize the […] Continue Reading
The ideal publisher brings together targeted, quality traffic with interesting content. User experience is very important when it comes to keeping users on-site and interested. Intext can help improve your viewers’ ad experience. When a visitor comes to the site, our product seeks out the strongest commercial keywords on the page to hyperlink. Without user […] Continue Reading
When it comes to our publishers, we look for high quality websites – not just sites that have high traffic, but that also have legitimately engaged audiences. There are a number of ways this is determined, including strong, regularly updated content, clean site design, and evidence that users spend time on the site and engage […] Continue Reading
If you’ve decided to launch an online advertising campaign, congratulations! You’ll be joining the hordes of other businesses who spend over $40 billion annually. And if you’re like most advertisers, you’re hoping to get a positive (and hopefully very large) ROI on that spend. Of course, before you start advertising—whether pay per click (PPC) or […] Continue Reading
When setting up a new PPC advertising campaign—whether it’s Search or Contextual Advertising—choosing the right keywords is crucial to your success. It’s important to find not only the kinds of audiences most interested in your products or services, but also enough of them to grow your business successfully. Continue Reading
Internet ad revenues hit a historic high last year, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau, with 5.3 trillion display ads served to U.S. consumers. Despite this, click-through rates (CTR) for banner ads have been declining consistently. Every year, advertisers spend billions on ads that consumers never see. No matter who your audience is, chances are […] Continue Reading
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