Contextual Advertising

Get More Leads, Sales, or Visitors for Less.

What is Contextual?

Contextual Advertising is one of the most profitable ways to drive conversions or audience development traffic. You can use the same text ads and keywords as you would on search engines, while reaching more users at better profits on our contextual advertising network.

How Does it Work?

Our Contextual Advertising platform allows you to target your audiences around the web, using the keywords that are relevant to your business. The technology scans publisher websites in real time, displaying InText ads and Interstitials on sites containing those keywords.

Get Superior ROI

With lower CPCs compared to search engines, you’ll get a much better cost per lead, sale, or unique site visitor.

Quality Traffic

We continuously audit, score, and filter all traffic with our patented ClickShield® technology.


Our expert account managers will help you get the best ROI. You can also manage campaigns with our self-serve platform, or integrate our API.

Smart Bidding

BidScience™ auto-discounts your traffic based on publisher performance. So you’ll only pay for what a click is worth!

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