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Media Kit

Click the icon above to download our Advertiser Media Kit PDF.

Display Advertising Creative Specs

Please send all creative assets along with click URLs to
Creative Size Standard Formats File Max Size Animation Max Length
300×250 Medium Rectangle JPG, GIF, SWF 39.9k 0:15
728×90 Leaderboard JPG, GIF, SWF 39.9k 0:15
160×600 Wide Skyscraper JPG, GIF, SWF 39.9k 0:15
320×50 Mobile JPG, GIF, SWF 39.9k 0:15
300×250 Mobile JPG, GIF, SWF 39.9k 0:15

Additional Notes

  • Submission lead time is 24 hours prior to campaign start.
  • 1 pixel black border must be present.
  • Animation cannot exceed 15 seconds, including multiple loops.
  • When using creative functionality such as Flash or HTML, include backup image (GIF/JPG) for when users’ browsers cannot load your creative functionality.
  • A clickTAG method must be used.

Flash Creative

  • Creative must contain an invisible button that covers the entire ad unit, with the action script: on (release) { getURL(clickTAG); }
  • Most common clickTAG version:
on (release) { getURL(clickTAG,“_blank”); } OR on (release) { getURL(clickTag,“_blank”); }
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