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  • Date: September 10, 2010
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Our CEO in the News this Week…

As an expert in search  it’s no surprise that reporters were looking for commentary from our CEO Daniel Yomtobian after the Google Instant announcement.  Daniel caught up with Erika Morphy of E-Commerce Times to share his thoughts on what Google Instant means for advertisers. Here’s what Daniel had to say to about the announcement…

Updating the search results in real-time will also result in more tangent browsing — that is, users stumbling upon results they may not have set out to find originally, explained Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of


“This would result in an overall increase of impressions and potentially ad clicks,” Yomtobian told the E-Commerce Times. “In terms of how this will affect online advertising, I believe it will generate more search and click volumes, making Google’s already overpriced bid landscape even more competitive.”

 To see Erika’s complete article check out  “Google Instant Stirs Advertisers’ Fear and Loathing”

Daniel also caught up with his friends over at Search Engine Watch. In his monthly column Daniel shares his insight on the power of the display ad view, check out his expert opinion in his piece “Display Advertising is Here to Stay”!

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